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Kanchhi Maya Tamang

Human Trafficking Survivor,
3 Time Mt. Everest Summiteer

Founder, Save the Child Foundation Nepal

Nepal, a small country in South Asia, is a developing country where there are many remote areas with very few facilities. After the earthquake in 2015, many people from those areas have been drawn backwards in terms of economic condition and other facilities like education, food and shelter and many more.


Sindhupalchowk district is one of them which were badly affected by the earthquake and many people are still living under the sheds and are not able to build their houses due to poor economic condition.


To help those people and to educate as well as to aware people of different risk factors, this project is being introduced which will help and work in educating children from very poor economic background as well as will run the campaign for social awareness of importance of sanitary pads for girls and women. As well as, it will work for stopping human trafficking through different training of self dependent and employment. And also through sports sector to show that girls are also equally capable as boys are.