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Taniya Singh

Zumba Instructor, Director of Operations

The story of Taniya, a licensed Zumba instructor, who is also the Director of Operations at Save the Child Foundation, is a powerful testament to the transformative power of dance and self-acceptance. Through her work with NGOs and marginalized communities, she has demonstrated the ability to bring about positive change in society, using her personal strength and resilience to inspire others. Taniya's journey with the Save the Child Foundation as the Director of Operations has been particularly noteworthy, as she has been given the opportunity to travel and connect with a diverse range of individuals, from special needs children to sex workers. Despite the challenges she faced in her past, Taniya has emerged as a leader who lives and thrives through her strength, inspiring those around her to do the same. This introduction sets the stage for a deeper exploration of Taniya's story, highlighting the impact of her work and the role that the Save the Child Foundation has played in her journey.

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Early Life: Struggle and Abuse

Taniya was born in Kolkata, West Bengal, to a mother who came from a poor family. Her grandfather, a pandit, struggled to provide education for all his ten children. As a child, Taniya faced many challenges, including going days without proper meals and being mistreated by peers for not having a "normal" family or attending school like them. Instead of attending school, she worked as a child laborer, performing tasks like fetching water for a fish vendor in exchange for a meager amount. During this time, she experienced inappropriate touching and abuse, which she was too afraid to report.

Picture source: People of India


The Discovery of Her Mother and the Unsettling Truth

One day, Taniya's mother unexpectedly came to Kolkata, and she was reunited with her. Her mother introduced her to a man claiming to be her father. After moving to Mumbai, Taniya learned that she had two more sisters, and they were all sent to different hostels. When her mother decided to bring them home, she could only find Taniya and her younger sister, as the middle sister had gone missing. Taniya was still too young to fully understand the complexities of the situation, and although she should have been happy, she felt something was missing in her life.

The Abandonment and Abuse

Soon after, Taniya's mother left home and never returned. Her stepfather began abusing her, threatening to do the same to her sister if she refused. Taniya was trapped in this horrific situation, feeling like she was living the same life as her mother.


Picture source: People of India

The Decision to Escape and Protect Her Sister

Desperate to escape and protect her sister, Taniya tried to seek help from the police, but they dismissed her complaints, saying it was a "family matter." She reached a point where she contemplated suicide, but the thought of her sister kept her going. Finally, on June 9, 2013, Taniya made the difficult decision to leave home, with the promise that she would one day return to take her sister with her.

Finding Support and Healing

Growing up in a society that often blames the victim, Taniya was afraid to speak up, fearing that she would be judged and blamed. However, today, she is sharing her story, determined to inspire others who may be fighting their own silent battles. She believes that the day she came to Kranti and met Robin, she was reborn. For the first time, she was able to open up and acknowledge that what happened to her was not her fault.

The Journey of Healing and Empowerment

At Kranti, Taniya has been given many opportunities, including journal writing, which helped her set a goal to rescue her sister within a year. She is proud to say that she was able to achieve this goal in just eight months, successfully removing her sister from that horrific situation. Today, she can confidently say that she has succeeded in the journey of her life.

From Kranti to now Taniya's journey as the Director of Operations at the Save the Child Foundation has been remarkable. Through her role, she has traveled extensively, connecting with diverse groups, including special needs children, trafficked girls, and sex workers. Overcoming her own difficult past, Taniya has become a strong, inspiring leader. Her work at the Foundation has been instrumental in her journey, allowing her to make a significant impact on marginalized communities and uplift those around her.




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