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Our Approach

Our target group consists of the vulnerable group of young kids, who live under the constant threat of either being trafficked, married into early marriage practices, or being sexually exploited. These families who live under poverty, struggle to make ends meet, let alone send their kids to school for education. As a result, they become more susceptible to victimization.

Boys and girls are occasionally misled by the promise of better possibilities or occupations in foreign nations and end up being enslaved. Without an appropriate intervention leading to empowerment, these vulnerable communities are helpless to change the conditions that determine their surroundings. In such a context, education, as an intervention tool, can help them to break the cycle of human trafficking. We strive to break this cycle by giving these innocent lives a second chance on life that they never got, to acquire education and skill, and also an opportunity to be recognized as people of value in their communities.


A great K-12 education is a proven path to social mobility and economic prosperity and a bridge to opportunity. We work with grantees and other partners to ensure that all students have access to a high-quality public education and to help more students graduate from high school with the skills they need to enroll, succeed in, and complete college.



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