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Sustainable Fashion
for Social Good


RUI is a sustainable clothing brand that strives to impact people, the planet and animals in a positive manner.

At PARI RUI, we collaborate with weavers and women cooperatives that use sustainable materials, responsibly produce their products and give back in both small and big ways. Sustainable materials vary and range from organic cotton to linen .

Our partners produce their products responsibly treat their workers with respect and create impactful community development. Giving back comes in many forms. From donating a percentage of proceeds to charity to establishing recycling programs, Save the Child Foundation makes a big difference.

Sustainable clothing is our way to make a statement in your fashion.

Meet the Team

Students and Young Entrepreneurs bringing their vision for social change


Shraddha Katti is an artist who believes in using her art for social change and to help others. She has worked with children who have terminal illness doing art therapy with them at Tata memorial hospital. She has worked with Aravani Art project where she works with transgender community to do public wall murals that both gives an income to transgender artist and increases the representation of trans face on public art.


Shraddha has sketched and painted a five storey building in Dharavi, Swami Vivekananda Metro station in Bangalore, etc with Aravani. Shraddha has also worked with Start India to paint a mural of everyday Covid heroes at Mahim railway station, Mumbai. For her personal art work Shraddha Draws the Buddha in different forms as a way to express her emotions.

Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 8.03.00 PM.png


Hi! my name is Sarayu Kantamsetty.
I am from Frisco, TX and am a current Senior at Wakeland High School. Some of my interests/hobbies would be dance and fashion. In my free time I love to eat, go out with friends, play with my best furry friend: Vicky, scroll through TikTok, and go for night drives.


The fashion industry has always been something I have been interested in, so Pari Rui is a sustainable brand that my dad and I built this year with some friends to educate people on fashion that is actually healthier for the people and planet.


Reshma Shaikh is a 21 year old.girl who aspires to be a designer one day. She is full of life - loves to talk to people ,enjoys evening walks, knows how to fight for her / others rights, enjoys drawing/ sketching ....
She has done diploma course in fashion designing from Zarapkar College . 

She is at present interning with "Best Karma designs Pvt Ltd" and also plans to.finish higher school education (12th std) by 2023.
Post that she go for an undergraduate degree in Fashion designing.
She is very clear on her goals and knows them - be any hurdles along the way.

Her illness (HIV) hasn't stopped her from dreaming and going after her dreams.



Taniya is a certified Zumba instructor. She has been teaching Zumba to children in orphanages and has taught Zumba to more than 3000+ children from various backgrounds till date.


She believes Zumba and dance are a healthy method of expression for children living in difficult circumstances, helps them heal, find a passion. Since Zumba is fun, it is an engaging tool for children.


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Reshma Shaikh


Partner Collectives

Fork Kuppadam Handspun Saree Lemon 1.jpg

Chitrika is an ‘artisan-owned’ brand of the producer companies promoted by Chitrika Foundation, an NGO based in Hyderabad. The producer enterprises promoted by Chitrika will collectively use this brand name. With ‘collective gain’ as its core vision, we stand for what small artisan collectives can achieve ‘collectively’ while also enabling an equitable share across the value chain both for the craft community and its service providers as well as the consumer.

 Chitrika uses a "Zero-bleed’ range of vibrant colors and thoughtfully designed high-quality products that are rooted in traditional techniques,. 

A design approach that is inclusive – which a large number of artisans can adapt to with existing skills or with minimal training while gradually increasing their earnings – has been at the core of our design philosophy.


While gently pushing the ‘skill boundaries’ of the artisans, Chitrika works to present their traditional techniques and design repertoires through fresh interpretations in product lines that are representative of market aspirations.

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