The Changemakers2030 Program is about Understanding the Sustainability Development Goals of

 Hunger, Water and Sanitation, Global Health, Equality, Education and Poverty and

conceptualize the solutions by applying Ideas to address the challenges and ultimately creating a lasting and sustainable Impact for child population in need.

- Ravi Kantamsetty


Make a $500 Donation and send an email to email below: with the details of your child name, school, grade and age.

If you have any questions, please call

Satya Chelluboina at- 248-719-1743

A tax deductible receipt will be mailed in 2 weeks.

program approach

Registration Fee: US $500

Will be used to sponsor a child's education in India or Africa. The student can interact with child via skype and also write letters.

100 Hrs of Service/Leadership - includes Classroom Coaching

Each student will need to complete 100-250 Hrs of volunteer service based on Middle School / High School. 40 Hrs of Service will be tracked as part of volunteering at home in support of Parents.


Each student is expected to conceptualize ideas and create a project plan , fundraise and fund a cause close to their heart. Projects can be tied to solving a Hunger , Water, Sanitation or Education problem in India or Africa. Each student is expected to make a presentation end of the year of the journey and the project.

Visit and Monitor Projects in India and Africa

Students are recommended to visit project sites to monitor, interact and experience first hand of how change is happening. They are also expected to submit a project visit report.