Save the Child Events




April 11th, 2022 @ Angelica Theatre , Plano


Platforms allow us to advocate for causes we believe in but opportunities like watching a award winning and ground breaking film "Surviving Sex Trafficking" with friends and family are critical to open dialogue about pressing and taboo topics such as sex trafficking.

I couldn't breathe listening to Kendra's story

My heart was aching to see Angie in pain

I was torn hearing Rachel's journey

And I was in tears when Siddhali shared her story...

The film is revolutionary as it has touched and inspired many to Stand Up for Freedom, Stand Up for Equality and most importantly Stand Up for Humanity as TRAFFICKING HAS TO STOP .

I was also wondering if only EVERYONE HAD A SEAT at the theatre to see the reality of trafficking unfold in the film and also if only EVERYONE HAD A VOICE to amplify their stories for CHANGE.

Sadhvi Siddhali Shree and Sadhvi Anubhuti 's film ##survivingsextrafficking has exactly done that by providing rest of the world a seat to watch, learn, be motivated and take action and a Voice to all the Warriors !

RESPECT to the Monks !

2022 - Hunger Banquet

July 23'2022 @ Coppell Arts Center

The Changemakers2030 Hunger Banquet was conceived to talk about Hunger around the world and the food inequity and abundance of resources and insufficiency in other parts of the world.

While we planned for only 40 people and invited more than 120 people ( attendance suffered due to last minute Covid reasons ) and we had about 80 people join - we still had a lot of food left.

The metric I was trying to teach children was responsible consumption and I was taken by surprise that we still had food left inspite planning for only half the population.

Mango Mousse was brought back on popular demand. Boys did the honors in helping the Girls serve the food to the moms and guests.

Avakaya from India, Madras Sambar , Andhra Pappu, Aloo Subji and the list goes on.

With our event we concluded the hunger banquets this year - we had one in Vizag, Masaka, Uganda, Happy Feet Home - Mumbai.

Spending an evening with parents with good food for a cause is always very fulfilling.

We completed 5 Years of Hunger Banquets.

In Gratitude of all the Changemakers2030


Could You? 15 Year Anniversary in New York on September 14th

Could You?'s 15 Year Anniversary in New York a few days ago was a perfect platform for a very well conceived and strategic " Menstrual Equity Symposium"

It was very inspiring to be a part of such an energetic and enthusiastic group of change makers of all ages and backgrounds, including global aid leaders, medical professionals, lawmakers, celebrity activists, members of the media, NYC community change makers, youth leaders, and social media influencers.

In Christine Garde Denning, CEO & Founder 's words :

"We, at CouldYou?, are beyond thrilled to continue partnering to make real progress towards ending period poverty by 2040! We will continue to be in touch individually with each symposium attendee, to continue the conversation and action items that were discussed. We are so grateful to each of you and your desire to be involved in this life-changing work!"

I was joined by my brother DrSridhar Gundrothu to participate and share our views and experiences in "Eliminating Period Poverty" and we are very invested in this partnership to bring Could You? Cups to populations in need in Nepal, India and Africa and most importantly here in USA.