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For Street and Slum Children of Dehradoon

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Street to School : Mainstreaming Street Children

'Street to School' is the first step of bringing children into education. This is where the magic happens. The program transforms the begging, rag picking and working 'Out of School' street & slum children into confident, happy children who can read and write. The aim of this program is to mainstream children into formal education. Our after school remedial classes reinforce their concepts and provide them support to thrive academically. WE ARE A VEHICLE FOR EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION.


India is home to over 30% of almost 385 million children living in extreme poverty, the highest in south Asia, according to a 2016 report by World Bank Group and UNICEF. Street & slum children have been deprived of education, nutrition, medical attention and laughter. The day to day struggle to survive for children has robbed them of a chance to compete fairly in our society. They need education to break their poverty cycle and to be able to lead healthy and productive lives.


More than a thousand children will be protected from the harmful effects of living on streets. Children will be enrolled in mainstream education. Orphan children will stay in the shelter provided by the organization and continue their education & vocational training. The performance of the project will set an example and encourage the government to support us in empowering lives of marginalized children. Adequate nutrition and proper medical care will ensure their good health.

Long-Term Impact

Aasraa empowers slum and street children through education; education combined with vocational training, nutrition and healthcare. The 'Street to School' program is just the beginning. We believe our responsibility extends far beyond just education - we strive to provide them economic self-sustainability along with social integration into mainstream society. We envision our future generations to be strong, independent and gainfully employed.

Wings of Doon : An After School Support Program


Children graduate from the Street Smart program to Wings of Doon (after school support classes). These are children we found in the streets & slums. They come from illiterate families with no means to go to school; inducted gradually into Street Smart through counselling, basic literacy classes and finally sponsored into school. These children need after school conceptual and curriculum support to bring them up to speed with their counterparts in school. Mentor ship & guidance is imperative.


Rita & Sanjana were ex rag pickers who were brought into our Street Smart program few years back. With regular classes and hard work they gained basic literacy and were mainstreamed into local schools. Sadly, their parents were illiterate daily wage laborers who had long working hours. With no one to teach them at home, Rita & Sanjana needed tutorial support to help them cope with their studies in school. Besides, they needed mentor ship and guidance to enhance their personality.


Aasraa Wings of Doon project was started to help hundreds of children like Rita and Sanjana gain after school homework, tutorial, curriculum & concept support. This project provides students with after school support in subjects like English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Computer Education, Commerce, Economics, Accounts, General Knowledge. In addition to academics, we provide for activities like sports, art, craft, music, theatre to help in the holistic development of our children.

Long-Term Impact

Aasraa after school program has grown from 35 students to 1889 students across 14 centres in 10 years Children from economically deprived backgrounds, children from slum colonies, children from rural districts in Uttarakhand are receiving quality education, nutrition and medical care since we believe no child can be educated if they are hungry, cold or sick. We wish to see these children pursue further education, possibly gain university degrees and earn a respectable livelihood in the future.




COVID – 19 Relief Work

Distribution of Ration Pack for Unemployed Migrant and Daily Wage Laborers


As we all find ourselves in unchartered territory, we must take a moment to think of those who do not have access to the very things, which may help save their lives. Our slum and street children do not have access to clean water to drink, let alone wash hands and use sanitizer. They live in cramped quarters of ten and twelve to a shanty room where social distancing is impossible. We aim to provide supplementary ration packs to families in need, who have been worst affected due to this pandemic.


Aasraa has responded to our children’s and family’s needs with urgency and strict protocols, and have taken the following steps:


  • Aasraa’s outreach team and teaching staff carried out an extensive door-to-door awareness drive across the slum settlements where our children reside. During our awareness drive, team members distributed pamphlets that display precautionary measures (drafted based on guidelines of WHO, CDC, and MoHFW). 


  • We were asked by the District Magistrate and Additional Secretary of Planning to be actively involved in the front line disaster relief effort and were the first NGO to be given permission to reach out to people directly in slums. Our knowledge of these areas and ability to penetrate these zones was required. Aasraa has been involved in fundraising, sourcing and packaging food parcels and distribution. All food distribution is being done in collaboration with the police. To date, 1st April 2020, Aasraa has distributed over 1300 dry ration packs (each pack is able to sustain a family of 6 for a week). Going forward we aim to distribute 350 packs a day."


  • Our vans, healthcare workers and outreach teams have divided the city into FIVE zones and are continuously monitoring the health of our children and their families. An emergency helpline number has been put up on the pamphlets, and the medical team is available in their service throughout the day, reporting cases with fever, cough.


  • The Ministry of Women and Child Development has requested us to setup quarantine facilities in the eventuality of spread of the virus.

These ration pack contain items like Flour, Rice, Lentils, Milk Powder, Salt, Sugar, Cooking Oil, Cooking spices, Tea, Soap (washing clothes and self) and Vegetables. Moreover, can feed a family of 6 for up to 7 days.  

Cost for each pack of dry rations – 16 USD 

We are reaching out to you to come forward and join hands with us. Funds received will be used for buying and distributing dry rations to families that reside in the slums and streets of Dehradun. If in case, a need arises for expenditure on medical / quarantine facilities.



Thank you so much for your kind consideration!

Team AASRAA Trust

Email: communication@aasraatrust.org



Post lockdown, the economy has restarted with painful slowness. During lockdown, the need of the hour was to feed the starving; all efforts were concentrated on that. Now, we see laborers and their families are not equipped to face the coming harsh winter.

Please look into your hearts... and cupboards; find those sweaters and shawls you will not wear again.

Give to those on your street corners or under the bypasses.


Alternatively, we can buy thermals & blankets. While this pandemic has made our lives uncomfortable & inconvenient, it has made the vulnerable suffer brutally. Let's reach across the economic divide to help our fellow countrymen survive this silent war against an invisible enemy.

This year we will be distributing warmth care packs to Aasraa children and their families as well.

Each pack contains 2 woolen caps, 2 thermals and 2 blankets to help survive the freezing cold!


The cost of this warmth care pack is INR 1000

It could make the difference between life and death in the bitter cold winter months.

Please give a gift of warmth, love & hope this Diwali.

Indian donors- https://aasraatrust.org/donations/

Foreign donors- https://www.savethechild.org/aasraatrust