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Krantinaari is an artist who explores multidisciplinary art forms in the hip-hop scene. Her stories circle around the facts in feminism, sustainability, technology and more.

  • Krantinaari

Krantinaari is an artist and activist who explores multidisciplinary art/arms in the current hip-hop scene.

Her stories circle around self experiences as a woman in society through music and art. She has formulated India's first female hip hop community called wild wild women that consist of 6 emcees, 2 breakdancers, 1 graffiti artist, a growing community for women artists of all kinds. Also she is a part of the first female hip hop duo named Wontribe.

Her stories circle around 100% facts, in the field of feminism, sustainability, technology and more. A rapper who has studied research methodologies, ethnography, ergonomics, visual communication, user experience, exhibition design, design for social change & environmental graphics.

Moving forward with the understanding and practical execution of theories mentioned above Krantinaari chooses to explore the medium of hip-hop to expand her communication medium.

Her debut song “Krantinaari” has been performed at several places with Base Foundation Roots, 10,000 Lions as well as with special appearance with Sarathy Korwar and more. In collaboration with the best from the field. 


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The track was born out of the detailed observations in the daily life of Krantinaari. “The most important task was to find a topic, it took me sometime to observe the problems. I realised that we are surrounded by problems and at the same time found that it is a chain that is connected and it’s the systematic issue as a whole which is interweaved,” says Krantinaari. While the song speaks the language of justice, equality and unity for women, it is also a word by a woman for a woman and to the women. The track aims at motivating and bringing all the women together to create a harmony between the genders. “Krantinaari” is not just a song but also a documentation of a woman's life in our modern time where the rapper thinks that we are trying to figure life on mars while we haven't been able to achieve humanity on the earth. The matter at hand has been dragged through ages and has reached a state of emergency. Good things take time! One needs to be consistent and dedicated to the vision they began with. Krantinaari was dreamt in the way its been showcased here, it has taken 1.5 years and many many travel logs to get here. Thankful to each and everyone who is part of this video and Krantinaari's journey. Songs and lyrics: Ashwini Hiremath a.k.a Krantinaari Music Producer : RaaKshaS a.k.a Abhishek Shindolkar Mix Engineer : Joshua Fernandes Background Vocals: Shilpa Gulhane Background Artwork : Boomranng Studio Animation Artist : $hreshth Vyas Special thanks to Palak Joshi, MC Mawali and the entire Swadesi crew for supporting me at all times. Find me on Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:
INDRADHANUSH | KRANTINAARI x J.Vibes x Max I Million | Shilpa Gulhane

INDRADHANUSH | KRANTINAARI x J.Vibes x Max I Million | Shilpa Gulhane

Listen and download 'Indradhanush' now on: Krantinaari : Jackie Tran : Max I Million : Shilpa Gulhane : ____________ Indradhanush is a song that is inspired by a very beautiful quote by J Krishnamurti which says - “The highest form of human intelligence is to observe without judgement.” Krantinaari was deeply inspired by the quote when she wrote this song. The song begins with a verse in Kannada, her native tongue. The story starts with reimagining a dream sequence, where a mother is telling a story to a child in a dark room, and the story is about the world outside the window they are sitting by. The mother mentions a lot of facts about the world which include carbon emissions, the negative impact of humans on nature, the changing tides of human behaviour, and how we are becoming more selfish, cropping down the roots of humanity. A contrast can be seen in the second part of the story, spoken in Hindi. The child enters, and dives into an observatory with examples in nature. The story speaks of the depiction of the whole relationship between nature and the subconscious, while attempting to paint a picture in the listener’s mind. Entering that state of mind would mean ultimate peace. #IndianHipHop #Krantinaari #Indradhanush
Krantinaari x PrabhuNeigh - Discovery to Destruction | Ft. DJ URI

Krantinaari x PrabhuNeigh - Discovery to Destruction | Ft. DJ URI

Stream / Download 'Discovery to Destruction' here: --- ‘Discovery to Destruction’ Single Credits:: Written and performed by Krantinaari Produced by PrabhuNeigh Featuring DJ Uri Mixed by Sahir Nawab and PrabhuNeigh Mastered by Sahir Nawab Video shot and edited by Pratika Distributed through Elements Agency India --- 'Discovery to Destruction' is originally a self-published book by Krantinaari, a.k.a Ashwini Hiremath. This book is a documentation of personal narratives from different aspects of the world. The book talks about how needs change to wants, and wants change to greed, which leads to the destruction of the planet, and humankind. Krantinaari didn’t want to stop with just the publishing of the book. She wanted to take a step forward and decided to pen down verses on the same topic. The song addresses very important topics based on our global path to success and our downfall. It questions, creating awareness and understanding about farmer suicides in India, the education system, social media and the youth and the brain drain. Krantinaari has noted observations on how we have become blind followers of the system without questioning it even once. We have lost the understanding of humanity which worries her the most, resulting in creation of this song. ----- Follow @krantinaari, @prabhuneigh and @dj_uri_scratch on social media for more updates. #DiscoverytoDestruction #Krantinaari #IndianHipHop
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