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Kranti empowers Girls from Red Light Districts
to become agents of social change.

  • Advancing Adolescent Girls Rights

  • Ending Violence against Girls and Women

  • Advancing Social and Emotional Learning

  • Creating Leaders of Social Change


Robin Chaurasiya and Trina Talukdar are the founders of Kranti, an anti-trafficking organisation that works with the daughters of sex workers to transform their lives and, in the process, to revolutionise the role of women in Indian society.


It all started in a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs of Mumbai when two girls had an idea for how to change the world by revolutionizing society’s perception of women.I was born of Indian parents in Los Angeles – bred, soiled and soaked in the United States of America, and all its culture of freedom, rights and emancipation.

In the summer 2008, I volunteered for six months with an anti-trafficking NGO based in Mumbai. During this time, I lived, ate, slept and had intense, all night long discussions with more than 60 girls who had been trafficked into the sex trade in Mumbai and subsequently rescued in raids by the organisation I was volunteering with.

However, after rescuing them the NGO did nothing to empower the girls to build a successful life for themselves. Those who were old enough to remember their homes were repatriated, essentially returning them to the same vulnerable situation they were originally trafficked from.

I met girls who had been re-trafficked four times over. Some were married off to older men who came from rural India to Mumbai to marry. And the best of the three evils was when the girls were taught a skill, like embroidery or pickle making, to enable them to make a subsistence living for themselves.

I travelled India the following year visiting many anti-trafficking NGOs and discovered that they all had similar programmes. I was frustrated by the absence of psychological support for the trafficked girls battling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the lack of educational programmes or career options offered.

Some organisations actually claimed that the girls’ minds were not ready for education. But I had taught girls who did not know how to count to do long division in just two weeks.

Late at night the girls would share their dreams of writing a book so that the world would know of their experiences or of becoming doctors and working to prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS to sex workers.  I wanted to give these girls the opportunity to revolutionize society’s perception of women as a liability to their families and to prove that they could, in fact, be assets to society.

During this time I met Trina Talukdar, who had been teaching the children of sex workers in Kalighat, Kolkata, one of South Asia’s oldest and largest red light areas. Seeing women being picked up for Rs. 5 (under a dollar), less than the price of a condom, and listening to the children tell stories of being shoved under the bed for hours while their mothers served clients on top, she realised that for the rest of her life she would be working just with the aim of ensuring that these horror stories were not replicated in the lives of others.

And then, somewhere in the universe, a star exploded. Mine and Trina’s ideas, words and ideologies clashed and ricocheted off each other and with a big bang, Kranti was created – an anti-trafficking organisation that does not just rescue trafficked girls to return them home or give them a subsistence income, but transforms them into, among other things, gynecologists working to improve the sexual health of sex workers or India’s finest feminist lesbian writer or somebody who would sacrifice an Ivy League education in order to go and teach Libyan children after the revolution.

Kranti is not a rehabilitation home; it is a leadership training institute churning out revolutionaries who will change the world forever.

Kranti Leadership

Kranti Video Chronicles

The Story Of Kranti Uplifting Daughters Of Red-Light Areas On Wisdom Of Leaders

The Story Of Kranti Uplifting Daughters Of Red-Light Areas On Wisdom Of Leaders

A revolution to turn adversities into triumph, Kranti, an NGO founded by Robin Chaurasiya has been helping daughters of sex workers become the Krantikaris (revolutionaries) that our society needs. The young women nurtured by this organization have become the first girls from India’s red-light areas to study abroad, receive UN awards and give multiple talks at international forums. Setting the precedent, Shweta Katti, is one such Krantikari who has battled against all social stigma to become a true beacon of courage. SUPPORT KRANTI: About NDTV (English news channel): NDTV is India's Most-Trusted News Broadcaster with the latest updates in news, sports, entertainment and much more from within India and around the world. Watch big political debates, exclusive entertainment interviews, news bulletins, current affairs, talk shows and tech reviews with our 24x7 news live streams, packed with credible information across all platforms: TV, Internet and Mobile. For Latest Videos, click here: To watch NDTV 24x7's premium shows listed together for your easy access, click here: For Ground Reports and Analysis from NDTV's reporters and anchors of day's top news stories, click here: For News in Shorts, click here: Subscribe to our channel to get latest news updates. Follow us on Social Media: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on WhatsApp: Follow us on Instagram: Join NDTV on Telegram Messenger: Follow us on Google News for Breaking and Latest News Updates: NDTV: NDTV India (Hindi News): Download NDTV Mobile Apps: #Kranti #Krantikaris #WisdomOfLeaders #CaptainRaghuRaman #Leaders #RobinCahurasiya #ShwetaKatti #BreakingNews #LatestNews #TodayNews #News #IndiaNews #NDTV
Behind the curtains: The Reality of Mumbai's Red-Light Area |  Documentary | POI Files
Official People Of India

Behind the curtains: The Reality of Mumbai's Red-Light Area | Documentary | POI Files

We are raising funds to help Mumbai's Sex Workers and their daughters find a home! Please donate in the link (pinned comment). In April 2023, Kranti (NGO) faced its 8th eviction in 10 years. They were given 15 minutes to pack our belongings before we ended up on the street. They spread out across the street, some of them housed temporarily in the homes of Kranti supporters and donors, but several went back to their mothers in the brothels. Sadly enough, it’s usually one of Kranti’s beautiful success stories that often triggers an eviction - the moment that people find out they are not average neighbors but actually a shelter home, they are immediately evicted. But in April, Kranti finally decided to purchase a permanent home in hopes that they will never have to face the trauma of eviction or homelessness again. They are in the process of purchasing a space in Dharamshala which will be a home and school for hundreds of future Krantikaris. About Kranti: Kranti empowers girls from India's red-light areas to become agents of social change. and happiness! They currently support 25 girls and young women who are survivors of trafficking and daughters of sex workers by providing a healing home, formal education, physical healthcare, vocational training, various therapies, extracurricular activities, and other meaningful experiences. In the past decade, Kranti's girls have: become the first girls from India's red-light area to study abroad, received UN awards for their social justice work, given 500+ TEDx and other speeches around the world, and been featured on dozens of international media platforms. They've also written, directed and performed their own play in front of 1 million+ audience members, including Google & FB Headquarters. In 2017, their play was showcased at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and covered by BBC. In 2016, Kranti's alternative school was a Top 10 finalist for the $1 million Global Teacher Prize; Krantikaris are now studying in 15 universities in the US, UK, Europe & India. About POI Files: POI Files is an original documentary series from People of India (POI) focused on the key issues that matter to us as a nation. #sexworkers #kamathipura #india #redlightarea #Mumbai #Mumbaisexworkers #poi #peopleofindia #documentary #indiandocumentary #prostitution #kranti #fundraising
Robin Chaurasiya - Kranti: Uplifting the Daughters of Mumbai's Sex Workers - BatGap Interview

Robin Chaurasiya - Kranti: Uplifting the Daughters of Mumbai's Sex Workers - BatGap Interview Also see While viewing this interview, feel free to take a moment to pause and submit inquiries or requests for further explanations to the BatGap Bot ( This interactive platform welcomes your questions and offers the opportunity for a detailed dialogue. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction to Buddha at the Gas Pump 00:05:40 - The Motivation of Kranti 00:10:15 - Childhood Memories and Spiritual Moments 00:15:03 - Childhood Curiosity and Spiritual Exploration 00:19:28 - The Age of 12: Dreams, Stealing, and Non-Existence 00:24:21 - The Key Players in My Journey 00:29:01 - The Unstoppable Desire 00:33:48 - Overcoming Challenges and Unexpected Help 00:37:57 - A Moment of Realization and Gratitude 00:42:55 - The Impact of Extraordinary Girls and Gender Inequality in India 00:47:49 - Taking in the Kids 00:52:43 - Unexpected Meeting in Glastonbury 00:57:30 - The Neo-Advaita Movement 01:02:28 - The Beauty of Seeing People in Their Perfection 01:07:05 - The Purpose of Life and Finding Happiness 01:11:23 - From Sex Worker to Drum Circle Facilitator 01:15:57 - The Generosity of an Illiterate Sex Worker 01:20:41 - Compassion in the Red Light Area 01:25:10 - Girl's Perception and Plans for the Future 01:29:30 - Supporting Children in Mumbai 01:33:36 - The Value of Love and Support 01:38:24 - The Process of Burnout and Seeking Guidance 01:43:03 - Surrender and Letting Go 01:48:08 - The Changes Within Our Body 01:52:34 - The Beauty of Individual Awakening 01:57:04 - Treating Everyone as a Buddha 02:01:31 - Cursing at God 02:05:45 - The Role We Play in the World 02:10:41 - The Dream of Existence and Ecstasy on the Mountains 02:15:43 - The Journey of Love and Crying 02:20:43 - Godding with Himself Robin was born and raised in the US with a very religious and schizophrenic mother as well as a violent and atheist father. At 14, Robin started volunteering with various non-profits organizations and traveling the world, two lifelong passions which led her to work with dozens of NGOs and travel nearly 100 countries. After spending several years in the US Air Force, Robin was kicked out for being lesbian which led to her new life as an activist. At 24, she started Kranti, an NGO that empowers survivors of trafficking and daughters of sex workers from Mumbai's red-light areas, where she lived and worked for a decade. In 2020, Robin moved to a mud hut at 13K feet in the Himalayas without any water, electricity or toilet. For over a year, she wasn't online, didn't read any book and didn't speak with anyone. In July 2021, she started working part time from the mountains and became a certified BatGap addict. She returned to civilization in August, 2022 and will return to the mountains (temporarily) in January, 2023! Kranti: Donating to Kranti: (Tax exempt for US donors.): Milaap: Help the Survivors of Trafficking (India-based, doesn't deduct fee. Not tax exempt for US donors.): Donating to Happy Feet Home (hospice for terminally ill children): PDF with more info about Robin, her upcoming book, and Kranti:
In Her Shoes: India | Short Film
Matador Network

In Her Shoes: India | Short Film

Rani is a 17-year-old in Mumbai. Like most girls her age, she likes Instagram, boys and good food. But Rani is also the daughter of a sex worker, and she grew up hearing, “a whore’s daughter can only be a whore.” Follow filmmakers Doree Simon and Caz Tanner Film as they explore women’s empowerment efforts around the world in a new original series, In Her Shoes. Episode one features a-day-in-the-life of Rani — who is transcending her circumstances and helping her community along the way. "In Her Shoes: India" is a Webby Award Winner in the Diversity & Inclusion Video category. Hailed as the “Internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards, presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), is the leading international awards organization honoring excellence on the Internet. DOWNLOAD OUR APP APPLE: ANDROID: MORE FROM MATADOR NETWORK WEB: INSTAGRAM: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: ABOUT MATADOR NETWORK and its social channels are the #1 digital destination for affluent millennial travelers and adventurers. With over 9 million monthly uniques and millions of social followers, we are the world's leading independent travel media outlet. ABOUT MATADOR MEDIA HOUSE MATADOR MEDIA HOUSE specializes in ideating, producing and distributing the most engaging branded video content on the Web. We work with some of the most talented filmmakers in the world to create broadcast quality video content for use across digital, social or broadcast. WEB: TRAVEL | ADVENTURE | TRAVEL CULTURE | #TRAVELSTOKE #travel #shortfilm #india
Empowering girls in red-light areas for social good | Robin Chaurasiya, India | Global Teacher Prize
Global Teacher Prize

Empowering girls in red-light areas for social good | Robin Chaurasiya, India | Global Teacher Prize

Robin helped organise a successful campaign to change US armed forces policy after being forced to leave her position as an Air Force officer because of her sexuality. The experience inspired her to go into teaching and to found an NGO in India called Kranti. Kranti (‘Revolution’ in Hindi) empowers marginalised girls in Mumbai’s red light district to become agents of social change. Robin’s students, the Krantikaries (‘Revolutionaries’), are aged 12-20 and include victims of trafficking and daughters of sex workers. The school is truly diverse with different ages, literacy levels, languages, ethnicities, religions, castes and abilities. With Robin’s help, the Krantikaries develop into peer teachers and community leaders. The curriculum includes creative thinking, yoga, meditation, writing, geography and music and is supplemented by evening classes in English, ICT, theatre and health education. At weekends, the girls watch films, visit exhibitions and complete mandatory voluntary work for an NGO of their choice. Robin has formalised a social justice curriculum at Kranti covering key issues that affect the girls’ lives which they use to design and implement projects. In 2013, they convinced an MP to help them register sex workers to vote. They have led workshops for more than 100,000 people and delivered 11 TEDx talks around the world. They toured a play they wrote about their experiences across the USA, performing at the headquarters of Facebook and Google. Together, we are strongest when we stand united, and loudest when we speak together. By talking about education, you can help ensure the world doesn't forget the United Nation's sustainable development goal promising every child a good education by 2030. Watch, subscribe, start talking education - it matters. #TeachersMatter ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨
Exclusive : मिलिए Mumbai के सेक्स वर्कर्स की उन बेटियों से जो बन रही हैं समाज के लिए मिसाल !
TV9 Bharatvarsh

Exclusive : मिलिए Mumbai के सेक्स वर्कर्स की उन बेटियों से जो बन रही हैं समाज के लिए मिसाल !

Exclusive : मिलिए #Mumbai के सेक्स वर्कर्स की उन बेटियों से जो बन रही हैं समाज के लिए मिसाल ! कमाठीपुरा की ये बेटियां विश्व भर में अपने देश का नाम रौशन कर रही हैं. इन्होंने अपनी मांओं के जीवन पर आधारित एक नाटक तैयार किया है जिसका नाम है लाल बत्ती। इस नाटक को इन्होंने खुद लिखा है, खुद ही निर्देशन किया है और भारत से लेकर अमेरिका और अन्य कई देशों में इसका लाइव परफॉर्मेंस दिया है। Watch LiveTV | Subscribe to TV9 Bharatvarsh Follow TV9 Bharatvarsh on Facebook | Follow TV9 Bharatvarsh on Twitter | Watch more TV9 Bharatvarsh Videos | Know All About Political News | Know All About Trending News| Know All about business news | Know All about Latest Bollywood News| #TV9Bharatvarsh #HindiNewsLive

The Krantikari Footprint

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 1.41.29 PM.png

Shweta Katti


Farah Shaikh

Stanbridge University, Los Angeles

  • First Girl in INDIA from a Red light District to Graduate from a University abroad - Bachelors in Psychology from University of West

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Yoga Instructor

  • Pursuing Nursing at Stanbridge University


Asmita Katti

Kranti, Camphill Academy-Philadelphia

  • Internships with Kat-Katha, Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, Freedom Cafe - Dover,NH.

  • Fellowships with Save the Child Foundation

  • Special Needs Children Advocate, Counselor

  • Pursuing a Degree with Camphill Academy, Philadelphia

Sheetal Jain

Kranti, Save the Child Foundation

  • Born to a Bar Dancer

  • Motivational Speaker at 16

  • Levine Music School Graduate from Washington DC

  • Leadership Coach for more than 600 children from Slums

  • Drum Circle Instructor

Taniya Singh Profile_edited.jpg

Taniya Singh

Kranti, Save the Child Foundation

  • Led workshops for 300 Teach for India teachers working in marginalized communities - Mumbai

  • Conducted trainings in 20+ NGOs for adolescent girls on sex education & reproductive health - Mumbai

  • Delivered ten speeches in universities and other public events about tracking and sex workers’ rights - India

  • Trained 100 teachers, 250 parents, & 5K students on prevention/response of child sexual abuse, Shri Niketan School 

  • Designed & led workshops for 80 students at Kanthari’s international fellowship for Social Entrepreneurship - Trivandrum

Danish Shaikh

North Park University , Chicago

  • Daughter of Sex Worker

  • North Park University Undergraduate 

  • Pursuing Masters from North Park University, Chicago


Sandhya Nair

Kranti, Save the Child Foundation

Kavita Hosmani

Kaivalyadhama School of Yoga Studies, Lonavala.

  • Bachelors of Yoga Studies


Jayashree Patil

KREA University, Sri City, India

  • Born to a Devadasi

  • Motivational Speaker at 16

  • Featured on BBC

  • Undergrad at KREA University, Sri City, India

Shraddha Katti

  • Shraddha Katti is an artist how believes in using her art for social change and to help others.

  • Works with children who have terminal illness doing art therapy.

  • She has worked with Aravani Art project where she works with transgender community to do public wall murals that both gives an income to transgender artist and increases the representation of trans face on public art.

  • Shraddha has sketched and painted a five storey building in Dharavi, Swami Vivekananda Metro station in Bangalore, etc with Aravani.

  • Shraddha has also worked with Start India to paint a mural of everyday Covid heroes at Mahim railway station, Mumbai.


Ashwini Mane

Paris Photographic Institute, Paris

  • Undergraduate from Ashoka University, Delhi

  • Pursuing Major in Photography from Paris Photographic Institute, Paris.

Mahek Das

Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island

  • Wynberg Allen Mussourie School Alumni

  • Pursing Theatre and Arts at Salve Regina , Rhode Island


Lata Vishes

Mercyhurst University, Erie, Pensylvannia

  • Internship with International Peoples College , Denmark

  • Pursuing Undergrad in MercyHurst University , Erie, PA

Amrin Shaikh

Gallaudet University, District of Columbia

  • Completed High School from Texas School for Deaf

  • Pursuing Undergrad from Gallaudet University, DC.