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CouldYou? was formed in 2008 and since its inception, it has established itself as a respected non-profit organization. 

We are committed to creating holistic solutions, building a better world for future generations, and doing business with integrity. We believe it is an honor to be part of shaping the future of the continent, and we treat this opportunity with the respect and moral obligation that it deserves.

The CouldYou? Girls’ Health Initiative is sustainably addressing the menstrual hygiene management( MHM) needs of women and girls through immediate access to health education and menstrual cups. The CouldYou? Girls’ Health Initiative has been serving girls since 2017.


Christine Garde Denning

Founder, CEO - Could You ?

Christine has devoted her life to caring for the poor and making the world a better place. Forbes magazine named Garde one of the “Forty over 40” women who are reinventing, disrupting and making an impact globally. Since founding CouldYou? in 2007, she has established partnerships in Africa with the Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu Fellows as well as former Mozambique President Joaquim Chissano, and the Ministries of Gender, Education and Health. 

Could You Cups and Baala Pads

Could You Cups and Baala Pads

Could You Cups and Baala Pads at Bishwa Shanti Chiran Milan Campus On the occasion of Mr Sridhar Gundrothu’s Nepal visit, we had planned a menstrual cup and pad distribution program at Bishwa Bhanti Chiran Milan Campus. This campus is where our Chairperson Kanchhi Maya Tamang is currently pursuing her Bachelors degree. Mr. Sridhar is advisory board of Save the Child Foundation USA and is also the person who bridged the partnership with Could You? Menstrual cups. In the morning of December 7, 2022, Mamata Shah, Ruby Sthapit and Surabhi Khanal gathered in the premises of Bishwa Shanti Chiran Milan Campus at 7:45 AM to prepare for the program afterwards. We were invited by the principal of the campus for a meet and greet session until Kanchhi Maya Tamang and Mr. Sridhar joined us. Once they arrived, we moved on to start the program. The program started with a brief welcome speech from the coordinator Mr. Sanjiv Mishra of the campus who welcomed our team to their campus. Then, Mamata Shah took the mic over to give an introduction about our organization and the areas that we work on. Then, Surabhi Khanal highlighted about menstrual hygiene management and its importance and introduced Could You? Menstrual cups and Baala Pads as menstrual hygiene products. Followed by Ruby Sthapit and Kanchhi Maya tamang, they provided details and a presentation on how to use both; Could You? Menstrual Cups and Baala Pads and also address the queries of the participants. Then we asked if there were participants who were willing to switch to Could You? Menstrual Cups or Baala Pads and form two queues accordingly. We then distributed the products respectively according to the needs of the participants. Followed by distribution, we provided breakfast for all of the participants of the event including the team and wrapped up the event.