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The Goal is to help create a support system for the following selected beneficiaries for a 21 day period:

1. Families of 500 Daily Wage Laborers from the Slums of Dehradun  in partnership with AASRAA Trust, Dehradun.
2. Families of 500 Daily Wage Laborers which include Domestic Labor, Sex Workers and Auto Drivers in Mumbai in partnership with Kranti.
3. Families of 200 Daily Wage Laborers in Delhi in partnership with ICFDR.
4. Families of 200 Daily Wage Laborers in Vijayawada and West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh in partnership with AshaJyothi Handicapped Welfare Society, Hanuman Junction.
5. Families of 100 Daily Wage Laborers in Visakhapatnam in partnership with Care and Love Foundation.
6. Families of 1000 Daily Wage Laborers in Kurnool which include Beedi Workers, Construction workers, auto drivers and rickshaw pullers and street vendors. In partnership with SERUDS.
7. 55 Hamlet Families of Paalaguttapalle in Chittoor District.
8. 200 + Special Needs Orphans , 200 + Underprivileged Children, 30 + Senior Adults , 35 + Terminally Ill Children , 102 children from Slums and Streets , Teachers and Staff at the NGOs.
9. Shelter Homes in Bangalore, Chennai an Cochin in partnership with Guardians of Dreams

Benefit includes :
1. Rice, Dals, Oil, Spices, Salt, Sugar
2. Sanitation supplies include Soap, Sanitizers, Masks, Sanitary Pads and Dettol.
3. Medical Help includes Homeopathic Supplements for building Immunity.
4. Advocacy includes training and educating the underprivileged and uneducated on Social distance and Hygiene.

Project will be executed in 3 Phases:
Phase 1 : Target Population : Daily Wage Laborers, Slum Dwellers, Sex Workers, Domestic Labor, Beedi Workers, Construction Workers, Street Vendors, Hamlets.
Timeline : April 1 - April 10.  Supplies to last for 1,2,3 Weeks based on project area.
Phase 2: Target Population : Orphanages, Hospice Homes, Shelter Homes, Schools

Timeline : April 13 - April 24. Supplies to last 30 days 
Phase 3: Target Population will be reassessed bases on severity in the third week of April and the funds pooled till date to extend some additional support to beneficiaries which include Agriculture Labor, Migrant and Displaced Labor.

Target Goal is to help impact 100,000 people (25,000 families with 4 per family ) in need as part of this campaign.
Net impact will be about 50,000 children.


Pari Menstrual Hygiene



Street level mobilization to bring children from streets and slums into the Aasraa programs. Thorough assessments  of the children’s family and financial situations to be able to determine their needs and induct them into AASRAA Programs. 


Street Smart is the first step of bringing children into education. The program transforms the begging, rag picking and working ‘Out of School’ street & slum children into confident, happy children who can read and write.



Seruds enables education for more than 50 orphan children who are at a risk of dropping out due to poverty and another hundred children benefit from preparatory school where the parents are daily wage laborers. Seruds in partnership with Govt School execute several outreach programs to benefit underprivileged children.


Save the Child Nepal had adopted more than 20 underprivileged children since inception and provide for all thing schooling. The children are from very poor families and are at a risk of dropping out. Rural Nepal has serious lack of infrastructure for schools. 


CCF Uganda supports more than 25 children in need for education needs and believes in holistic development of the children. In partnership with Save the Child, CCFU also champions our Sanitation agenda in distribution Pads to girl children in need in schools and communities where is it needed most.

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