Program : Education

Child Population : Street and Slum Children

Partner : AASRAA Trust, Dehradun, India


Save the Child partners with AASRAA Trust, Dehradun and invests in their ground breaking ideas to mainstream children from streets and slums into school.

Aasraa Trust supports more than 2000 children in Dehradun and Save the Child impacts about 200 of these children on a daily basis.

A revolutionary classroom on wheels that is equipped with high tech audio visual learning material & refreshments for initiating street & slum children to basic literacy.

Mainstream Children who were previously rag picking or child labor activities and ensure they receive remedial education for continued success in school.

Eradicate child beggary through education & vocational training. This program is run in conjunction with the District Magistrate and NGO partner Childline

Program : Education

Child Population : Underprivileged Children

Partner : SERUDS, Kurnool, India


Joy Home

50 Orphans from Joy Home are the primary beneficiaries of this education agenda who are sponsored by Save the Child. The children have been orphaned or abandoned. The children are between ages 6-18 years old and are predominantly girls. These children are tracked via individual sponsorship's from donors in USA.


Pari Backpacks

Every year on National Girl Child Day in India, Jan 24th, about 50-100 Girls are identified based on the need and are given Pari Backpacks with Pads and School Supplies. The gifts include School Uniforms, School Supplies and Shoes. The event is usually organized as a celebration of girl child.


Underprivileged Children

Our partner SERUDS conducts rehabilitation programs to children of all ages which includes Day Care Schools for more than 200 children whose parents work on daily wages and Save the Child strategically advances a combined vision to extend the vision of education for all a reality.


Community Care Foundation Uganda fosters a vision of : To have a prosperous and bright-future community with the utmost support and care for under privileged Children orphans, street children, children with HIV/AIDS, children with disabilities among others),Elderly & Women.

Save the Child believes in partnering with local and non profit organizations who also believe in organically growing the landscape by addressing needs at a tactical level and impact neighborhoods and communities where the need is most.

  • Girk Child Education

    More than 20 Underprivileged Children are sponsored by Save the Child Foundation. The girls are underprivileged and are tackling challenges due to poverty and they all have single parents - Mothers. Fathers have abandoned or have been lost of HIV/AIDS.

  • Menstrual Hygiene and Pads

    More than 800 Girl children have received the benefit of Sanitary Pads in the rural districts of Masaka, Uganda. Save the Child envisions the total impacted girls in Uganda to reach 5000 children by end of 2020.

  • Peer and Reproductive Health Education

    Save the Child in partnership with CCFU is currently working on a road map to administer education programs for youth regarding Sexual and Reproductive Health for adolescent girls and boys in rural Masaka, Uganda.

  • Empowerment

    For holistic empowerment of the child, education is not the only solution. We are facilitating alternative means for girls like Christine with accommodation in hostels, clean water, health evaluations, opportunities for vocational to create sustainability.

Save the Child Nepal is a sister concern of Save the Child and is led by Kancchi Maya Tamang, who is two time Mt.Everest Summitter. From Bhotang to Sindupalchowk to Kathmandu, our vision it primarily tackles three problems of Trafficking, Sanitation and Illiteracy and implement initiatives to impact women and children in the rural Nepal.

  • Education

    11 Children have been identified to benefit from our sponsorship initiative in rural Nepal. The children receive funding for school supplies, uniforms and fees. In the picture is Save the Child Nepal founder Kanchi Maya Tamang.

  • Sanitation

    To combat the taboo of menstruation and the Chauppadi practice, Save the Child Nepal actively engage in creating awareness camps in rural schools of Nepal and provide Baala Pads which are eco friendly and reusable pads for up to 18 months.

  • Health Awareness Camps

    Dental Camps to raise awareness of oral hygiene and providing sanitation supplies with winter clothing are usually the norm during our annual youth volunteer visits to Nepal during summer.

  • Empowerment

    Empowerment comes in various forms and Save the Child we believe a sanitary pad  is an enabler for Equality. Picture of women farmers in Nepal who have never used a pad in their life.

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