Any of you can help these children by volunteering either in India at our facility or in volunteer your hours for any of our fundraising events throughout the year.


​1. Volunteering for fundraising events in USA
Fill out the volunteer application form and register to volunteer for any of the events organized in different cities throughout the year. Register by sending the application to

2. International volunteering experience (India)
If you are interested in making a positive difference and would like to sample feel the unconditional love of these orphaned disabled children come join us to volunteer at any one of our facilities. Our volunteers are the family these special children never had. They are the special friends that these children form a bond with. There are a lot of opportunities for everyone to help. The only major requirement is a caring heart.  Become a loving buddy for these children, help any way you can (we will train you where required), play games, sing /dance and have fun! 

​Guidelines (for volunteering in India):

  • You must be 14 years or older

  • You must have a positive and cheerful attitude

  • Your vaccinations must be up to date (for children under 18 years)


  • For out of town/international volunteers transport to/from Vijayawada Railway Station and boarding and lodging expenses will be covered by Save the Child Foundation.

  • Field trips to nearby areas will be arranged with responsible adult chaperones (if there is a small group of volunteers) to expose them to rural India.

  • Since we are 501(C) (3) org, high school children can claim volunteer hours.

This is a unique international volunteering opportunity to help orphaned disabled underprivileged kids.

For families in USA who are from Andhra Pradesh it is a convenient option since children can volunteer during their vacation in India.
We will provide a volunteer schedule to set expectations.
There is no time limit  minimum of 1 week would be ideal for optimal experience.

Volunteering Location:
AshaJyothi Handicapped Welfare Society, Dr. No.5-141, Opp. lane Kanaka Durga Temple,Eluru road, Hanuman Junction,

West Godavari District,Andhra Pradesh,INDIA 521105

If you have any questions email the Volunteer coordinator/s at (US office) Phone: 214-682-3905 OR (India office) Phone: +91-08656-242715 
If this sounds like something you maybe interested in please send an email to and we will send you a volunteer application form. You can mail the completed application to

AshaJyothi USA, P.O. Box 2613, Frisco , TX 75034
Email to or