Vision :

"A world in which all children with needs either related to poverty or medical conditions will be protected and nurtured holistically in an eco-friendly environment" .



"To create an environment of hope and respect for the children with needs and assist each child in reaching their maximum potential through holistic interventions . We, a group of individuals who believe that it is our  social responsibility to advocate child rights achieve this mission by  empowering the local organizations, mainly in India, that cater to the needs of  special needs children.We also strengthen our mission  by inspiring others to join us in the movement of  the welfare of every child with disabling challenges."

Philosophy :


At Save the Child Foundation, we believe that we are socially responsible in bringing a change in the lives of the underprivileged and special needs children and underprivileged children with a key focus on girl children. This change is possible when individuals like you and me, join hands and work towards the protection and betterment of every child with special need.

Save the Child Foundation supports organizations that mainly work in the villages of India and strive for the welfare of special needs children. Save the Child Foundation's strength is in its volunteers, donors, event sponsors, Facebook fans and partners. By joining hands together, we can help make a difference in rehabilitating families and communities by helping one child  in need at a time.

Finally, Save the Child Foundation maintains complete transparency and accountability of every dollar that is received and disbursed through our Grant program(s).

Save the Child Foundation & Child Rights :


Save the Child Foundation through its Grant Program supports organizations that are striving hard for the child welfare, inspite of hardships due to lack of resources and funds. Our grants are utilized effectively to implement programs supporting the  Holistic Health Care, and infrastructure for special education interventions. Our team of medical professionals constantly provides guidance and services to support the child welfare initiatives.

Support projects to provide infrastructure for building a decent place to live, along with schools and clinical facilities.

Support organizations involved in catering to the protection and survival of the children in danger or who is medically fragile.

Donate clothing, Nutritional supplements, School supplies like books and stationary, Medical supplies including medications, hearing aids, etc along with computers, and products for daily needs.

Provide Primary Health Care by regular check ups, vaccinations and continue their treatments.

Emphasis is on all-round development of children - physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Physical well being is achieved by Supporting our partners in employing Physical therapists, Occupational and Speech therapists to    implement the special education programs that are vital to the child’s development. Also arrange for the Massage therapists to help children with Polio and Cerebral palsy.

The Mental and Spiritual well being is achieved by the extracurricular activities like Dance, Music, Yoga and Meditation classes. Children are also encouraged to participate in gardening, which will help them connect with nature and aid in healing.

Support physically challenged children by providing wheel chairs, calipers, prosthetic devices, standing chairs, cerebral palsy chairs, and rotators.

Also arrange for the Surgeries for the children in need (for eg: Polio corrective surgeries).

Provide Special Education for developmentally delayed children due to Cerebral Palsy, Mental retardation, Down’s, Epilepsy, Autism, Etc.

Provide Speech Therapy for speech and hearing impaired children.

Sponsor education for speech and hearing impaired children from 5th grade onwards by sending them to Deaf and Dumb schools.

Sponsor education for normal underprivileged children from kindergarten onwards.