seeds of change

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My name is Charishma Chelluboina and I'm a Changemaker. I will be doing the fundraiser to raise money for Save the Child as part of my changemakers2030 program to help the kids back in India. I got the idea of selling the seeds when my dad wasgiving away the seeds to his garden friends. I asked my dad , where he buys the seeds and how much it costs, he said it will be between 3-5 $, depending on where he purchased them.

Then I asked him why he was giving the seeds away instead of selling. Thats when I got an idea to sell the seeds to raise monet for the organization. He taught me how to get the seeds from our backyard garden and from where I took care of it. Our goal is to raise $1000 by selling the seeds for around 1-2 $, compared to the normal 4-5$.

What I do is my dad grows the seeds, which they grow in long pods, then I collect them, and thtas when I finally separate the seeds from the dry pods. I put the seeds in old medicine bottles ( so it creates less waste ) before selling them off. You can pay on the save the child website and let my dad know the list of seeds you're looking for, I will take off the seeds for you.