Save the Child invests in protecting special needs children who are vulnerable and have been abandoned due to the disabling challenges they have endure on a daily basis. These children are challenged with Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Physical Challenges , MR, Speech and Hearing Impairment and Blind children


  • Cerebral Palsy

    More than 40 Children with Cerebral Palsy have been nurtured and taken care of at our partner AshaJyothi Handicapped Welfare Society, Hanuman Junction, India.

  • Downs Syndrome

    More than 50 Downs Syndrome children have received benefit from our rehabilitation programs in the past decade since our inception. Some of these children also suffer from epilepsy and medication is administered on daily basis.

  • Disabled

    More than a hundred disabled children have received benefit via Save the Child in the past ten years. Most of the boys and girls who we support all are abandoned or orphaned. Wheelchairs, CP Chairs and Aids and Appliances are provided to the children followed by Physiotherapy

  • Blind

    Food and Nutrition is provided to 102 Blind children at Netra Vidyalaya in Visakhapatnam, India which is managed by our partner VT Seva.

  • Speech and Hearing Impaired

    Cochlear Implantation Surgeries followed by 18 month speech therapy sessions have helped 2 deaf and dumb children which proved a life changing gift for the two little kids who got their hearing and speech.

  • Cognitively Challenged

    More than 500 children with special needs have received benefit in form of medical camps, stem cell awareness camps, polio corrective surgeries, wheelchairs, cp chairs, aids and appliances and physiotherapy in the past decade. These children hail from neighboring towns and villages of Hanuman Junction in West Godavari District.

  • Thalasemmia

    Championed by many and partnered with Save the Child, DATRI found a stem cell donor to match Manasvi who was previously receiving blood transfusions at a tender age of 10. A braveheart all along,Manasvi continues to inspire everyone she interacts with.



Pari Rape is our program to Rehabilitate, Advocate, Protect and Empower girls who have been sexually abused and are victimized by Rape. There are more than 75 Girls who benefit under this program. For more details, please email to

Sexually Abused

Pari Rape is a program to advocate against  sexual offences against children and also rehabilitate victims of sexual assault and rape.


Save the Child has assumed responsibility to rehabilitate more than 75 children who have been victims of rape and sexual assault and currently invested in putting a long road map to rehabilitate and empower these children in Andhra Pradesh, India.

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