Health Initiatives

Hunger, Malnutrition, Special Needs Childrens Health, Mental Health

Combatting Malnutrition in Tribal Hamlets with
Indigineous Development Organization in Khammam Forests

Project Duration: 18 months


Special Needs Childrens Health and Nutrition for Special Children of AshaJyothi in Hanuman Junction

Project Duration: 10 Years
2008 - 2018

Food and Nutrition , Shelter and Transportation Needs, Therapy and Surgeries, Wheelchairs and CP Chairs, Awareness Initiatives, Salaries for the Staff, Milk and Maintenance of the Cows, Medical Needs.



Shelter Needs for Children with Special needs with Care and Love Visakhapatnam

Children Impacted: 25

Tackle Period Poverty in Uganda with Character First Initiative

Girl Children : 500 per year for 18 Months
2021, 2022

Uganda - Girl Child Education ( 30 )
Masaka District

Project Duration :5 years

School Fees, Uniforms, School Supplies, Food and Nutrition, Emergency Relief, Surgeries

Covid 19 Relief

Grants : US $ 400 K
2020, 2021

Mumbai, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Delhi, Dehradun, Masaka-Uganda, Dallas - USA, Kathmandu - Nepal

Oxygen Concentrators, PPE, Food and Nutrition, Isolation Centers, Groceries, Sustainability