World Tobacco Day 2019

One of the key targets as part of UN SDG for Good Health and Wellbeing is to strengthen the WHO framework on Tobacco control in all countries where appropriate. This is even more critical in India and on May 31, World Tobacco Day - Care and Love Team has taken an initiative to spread awareness not just for the cause but taking it to the media and most importantly inspiring the youth to participate in a walk that was hosted on RK Beach Rd in Visakhapatnam.

In our journey of special needs advocacy, we have been directly exposed to child health challenges caused by second hand smoke which lead to cognitive impairments, behavioral problems, low birth weight, respiratory problems, asthma among others.

There are opportunities to fight for a cause - its whether you believe in cause and are ready to walk the talk.

World Tobacco Day 2019

We all live in an ecosystem where all of us are connected and so are the problems.

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