Vennela Vattikuti - Mt.Everest Base Camp Challenge

Mt Everest Fund Raising Challenge.

When I was 10 years old I made my first donation. After learning that I can make sacrifices to help vulnerable underprivileged girls I never looked back.

If 13 year olds were able to climb to the top of Everest. I wouldn't hesitate to do so. Instead my current fund raising challenge is to trek to The Everest Base camp in Nepal. This is my first trekking experience, it will be my greatest personal achievement to date and if I can raise money for charity that will keep me going along the journey!

I won't lie. I'm a little scared, but so many inspirational people have succeeded, I hope to follow in their footsteps.

I've been inspired by “Save The Child” to join the movement that aims to improves the welfare of every child facing disabling challenges.

I knew there would be great challenges ahead, little did I know I would get the opportunity to trek to Mt Everest base camp with my father as a fundraiser challenge for “Save The Child” . This is my chance to prove that even at 13 years old I can stand up to a challenge and help to make the world a better place and hopefully inspire more people, young and old to grab a challenge head on. One person alone can't change the world. Yet together we can make a massive difference!

About The Charity

My trek to Mt Everest Base camp is part of my ongoing voluntary work in the child leadership program with Save The Child. The Charity has invested in me, preparing me to be part of the next generation of people equipped to protect the children that need my help! I've already visited India multiple times to see what difference Save The Child makes to children in need living in India and Africa. In America, it's easy to forget how privileged we are. It's easy to forget that some girls, just like me, are starving, have no access to clean water, or sanitation.

Save The Child have taught me how children can benefit from children like me learning about global problems such as health, equality and literacy. What Save The Child have taught me, won't just impact the children of today, but the children of tomorrow. We're working together to address the challenges of the population of children in need, to build a sustainable solution to end child poverty.

My Challenge

My Fund raising challenge is to trek to Mt Everest Base Camp in 12 days. I'll reach Kathmandu in Nepal on the 16th of March, hoping to reach base camp at 5364m in altitude by the 23rd of March. You can see my trip itinerary below, where I will aim to achieve the ultimate trekking goal. I'm sure I'll tackle the height of Everest once I'm old enough!

I'll be walking up to 7 hours each day, alongside my father. (I'm hoping he'll hold my bags) The temperature can get to -12 degrees Celsius, a lot colder than the 14 – 24 degree's Celcius which I'm used to in Florida.

My Goal

Along the way I hope to raise $25,000 to help to empower underprivileged girls across the world. I want to make a difference and empower those girls who are facing debilitating challenges daily. To help them get access to basic human rights and education, in addition to the medical and physical support they so desperately need.

Keep checking back to my website to see how the funds WE have raised have impacted the lives of a girl whose unable to help herself

How Can You Help?

Subscribing to the email group.

Donate to the cause – every dollar counts!

Share my website and Facebook page with friends and family and spread the word!

Company sponsorship – for donations between $500 and $1000 I will wear your company T shirts for 24 hours, taking pictures and videos on my adventure which will be shared on Youtube, Facebook, and my Fund raising page.

100% of donations will go straight to the charity. The expenses for the trip will come from our

Vennela Vattikuti

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