Vasudhaika Kutumbam

Is my opening statement during my leadership sessions and at SavetheChild we believe this by heart, mind and soul.

My sister, cousin, nephews and nieces with our children from Seruds during an summer vacation in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. In an effort to create some childhood memories for the little ones and give an opportunity to explore for the elder kids who have never experienced a vacation till date, we have enabled a 3 day outing for the 55 Children and then some.

In a day when our children take everything for granted including trips to malls, shopping, Disney,theme parks ,movies as these have become a regular fair - the children from Joy Home are experiencing joy every moment like this is the first and last time in their life.

My nieces Ridhi and Tanmayi shared a little wisdom after their interaction with the children that they cherished the moments where they took a pause in life and just took walks with the visiting children and a lot of chatting and getting to know each other.

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