Valentines Day Gala 2019

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Valentines Day Gala

Fueled by passion to make a holistic vision of child development a reality, the one team of Chirag, Save the Child, Childrens Vitamin Project synergized with great spirit for the Valentines Day Gala.

A first of its kind where 5 organizations have opened their hearts and collaborated to become the voice for the special needs child, street child, underprivileged child and the girl child across 15 states in India and 7 countries globally in alignment to 3 Global goals of Education, Equality and Health. In all there were more than 20 different non profit organizations that were represented.

The ceremony was mastered by dynamic duo Praveen Mamnani ( Chirag ) and Priya Pattathil ( ChildrensVitaminProject) in great style. Event oversight by Ravi Pendurthi.

Impact read outs by leaders Jyothi Kiran, Ravi Kantamsetty, Priya Pattathil , Mrudula Athuluri followed by Vandemataram Foundation and BigBrothersBigSisters of Bay Area established the scale and the rolled up impact which exceeded more than a hundred thousand children.

Chief Guests and INCITE founders Swati Mylavarapu and Matt Rogers shared their insights during an improvised panel discussion hosted by Joy Thomas.

Art met its match in the form of Dance and 20 minutes later a masterpiece was created.

Innovative Trivia by Dr.Anant Jhingran, Presidential Volunteer Awards for Youth, Foot tapping Bollywood numbers, Wine and Food all captured on video and some classic photography certainly made this event a memorable one.

Flower Decor by Sulochana Vasa and art on display was a sight to behold. Synergy by Vrishti Gulati. PR by Ramya Ramamurthy. Volunteer leadership by Vijayalakshmi Natarajan.

Our chief guest Sudhakar Ramakrishna called out the need for BEING THE CHANGE !

Chief Guest Ravi Devesetti echoed the need for social change and very graciously accepted to do some of the honors for Presidential Volunteer Service Awards to the Youth.

Save the Child leadership Venkat Bathula, Ravi Manyam, Kumar TalinkiPunyavathi Ambur Krishnamurthy

Whats an event without technical difficulties. So there were some and then some.

Some stories were never told, so we will hold them close to our hearts until we all meet again soon.

This was an extraordinary effort by a team who all have become the CHANGE.

Until the next valentines day gala in 2020,


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