Sulochana Vasa for PARI

Sulochana Vasa

Chirag's Ambassador Sulochana Vasa gives it all for the Girl Children of Govt.High School, Langer House ( Established in 1947 ) located in Golconda Block, Hyderabad which runs under the leadership of Principal. G. Vijayalakshmi garu. 210 Children with about 100 Girls from Grades 6-10.

What makes this school special is every child , every year since INDIA'S INDEPENDENCE has been a FIRST GENERATION learner.

Generations of Parents who are daily wage laborers, maids, sweepers, Children who are trying to find a reason to bunk school, Parents who want to indulge children into child labor to make a buck, Teachers who can't find time to incentivize the children and lose their time to motivate and educate the parents for the impending need for education are the stories behind the children of this school

WE CANT BUILD A NATION WITHOUT CREATING EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR GIRLS and Girl Child Equality Initiatives like PARI can only thrive when a window of opportunity is created for the Girl Child to interact with leaders like Sulochana Vasa who can fuel the imagination of possibilities that Literacy can create and empower the curious minds to combat or challenge early marriages, recognize Good Touch and Bad Touch, prevent teenage pregnancies and many more challenges that girl children endure every moment of every day.

Its Math Teachers like Prabhavathi Dudagadapa who ignite the thought process and create awareness for the girl children and teach LIFE skills beyond Mathematics which matter the most for a profound impact and which can sustain and empower the girl child.

Social Networking Opportunities such as these are only possible by active engagement and direction set by Save the Child leadership Sunanda Surya.

Rajeswari Dasari and high school friend Prabhavathi Dudagadapa cheer lead and make this event an all purpose one for the Girl Child.

Pads sponsored by Kalamandir Foundation.

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