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Suhash Ediga once said " My Father Works for the Farmers " in reference to his father Suresh Ediga and I dont think there is a better recognition for the journey Suresh has taken as the crusader for the farmers in India and elsewhere.

Just because some child asked for books and plates to go with that, Shyla Talluricompletely redefined the ever growing landscape of rural and urban education and in under 24 months, made an impact to more than 150,000 children. Try reading that as Hope for Million more children.

In Chirag's Jyothi Kiran golden words, Children are Not Products, They are our future and we need to invest in them " is a resounding testament to her iron will to change an entire worlds mindset around how we create a world where special children can thrive and will do whatever it takes for the price of a smile on the child's face.

Chirag's Mrudula Athuluri just like her name will pour her heart and life for a special child in need and will go an extra mile for the special one. These extra miles are driven on the streets of Bay Area from home to work to home when causes are socialized with spirit of selflessness but if you didnt already know, a million miles have been travelled virtually to make it happen for the child in need

Priya Pattathil Children Vitamin Project caters to the essential all encompassing health which is critical for holistic development of the child without which we cannot create a world of equality. Malnutrition, Stunted growth , HIV/AIDS are just the beginning of this key initiative which will reach Nepal and Africa this year.

An hour well spent in the company of some great visionaries and thought leaders in the United States striving for change in India in areas of FARMERS, CHILDREN, SPECIAL NEEDS AND GIRL CHILDREN.

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