Sandhya Madduri

Sandhya and Ravi Madduri

Sandhya Srivasu Madduri and Ravi Kishore Madduri have left an unforgettable signature with their visit to AshaJyothi, Care and Share, Babies Home, Reach Home as the moments will be cherished for a while by every child who has crossed paths with her in the past few days. This also includes the girls from 4 different schools of Karimnagar.

Interacting with special needs children of AshaJyothi and even facilitating a video conference with a legendary actor Ali is sure to put a smile of joy on the face of the children who seldom can't contemplate the fact that they have been abandoned.

Feeding our mothers who bestow their milk which has helped us reduce the epilepsy in some of our children is only a sign of gratitude of the magnanimous nature of all the cows at AshaJyothi.

Who wouldn't want to cuddle all the cuteness at Babies Home- nurtured and cared for by Care and Share.

Fruit Snacks and Chocolates from our familiar Costco has an irreversible effect of on the special needs children who would never shy to ask for more.

It doesn't take a village to change the world , all it takes is for one to lead.

Thank you Sandhya and Ravi for being the changemakers and taking time to make it count for children and influencing the next generation children with your leadership and thanks for all the love.

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