Rajasekhar and Archana Gopaluni

Rajasekhar and Archana

It's always a familial atmosphere when the core team at Save the Child visits AshaJyothi Home for Handicapped.'

Long term patron, Child Rights Activist and Save the Child core team and leadership Raja is joined by his significant other Archana from California for a visit to AshaJyothi twice within a week and that just shows how much we care for our special children.

As such our children at AshaJyothi are always looking for an opportunity to socialize with guests who make time to spend an afternoon with them and will not hesitate to demonstrate their unique talents.

Bonding with special needs children has more profound impact then any other means of rehabilitation as the time spent stimulates their mental fitness.

In the past 20 years, AshaJyothi has seen many children who have come and gone and then there are some who will be with us forever.

All are Welcome at AshaJyothi, the Home for Handicapped in Hanuman Junction, Andhra Pradesh

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