Privileged Vs Underprivileged

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Privileged Vs Underprivileged

On board a flight , the NRI kid in this case Sarayu is contemplating When will I fly FIRST CLASS On board a flight, the Underprivileged Kid in this case Rita is contemplating , What can I do to find a job with the airline

While one is thinking about the journey, the other is thinking about the destination

It's not about whose viewpoint is right or wrong, its about POSSIBILITIES AND OPPORTUNITIES !

For that you need to LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD FIRST. .

AASRAA Trust LEVELS THE PLAYING FIELD for more than 2000 children in Dehradoon everyday.

And at Save the Child - #Changemakers2030 Youth Leadership Program - we teach the kids of how its done and how they can open up a world of opportunities for the kid from the Street and Slum.

#aasraatrust #changemakers2030 #savethechild

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