We have come a long way in the evolution of the Pari Pad. Not just the Pad but the packaging. So are the children. I have great respect and love for these kids who inspite of sleeping really late on Saturday nights, make an effort to come to changemakers class on Sunday morning and listen to my stories and persevere and go back home nurturing the thought of changing the world.

In this journey , all of us have matured in our thought process, approach and most importantly in our ability to feel the struggle women and girls go thru all over the world. As a team , in the class we are now going to move into Period Friendly Toilets which will be our pressing topic and agenda for the next several months.

The video shows a lighter moment with the children signing off on Pari Pads, Baala Pads and Daisy Pads and they have made up their mind to be leaders and team players for our next big thing : PERIOD FRIENDLY PARI TOILETS

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