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Updated: Apr 26, 2019

( Read that as Gender Equality Vision )

Most women in India, Pakistan and Nepal don’t have a clue on Menstruation and Pads and on the opposite end of spectrum we have an Oscar for a short film on Periods and even a Bollywood film Padman.

Movies and Oscars certainly don’t have the reach that each of us have to our own people in our villages and towns in our countries of origin and unless we do something about it, the dynamic is not going to change for women and girl children .

At Save the Child, we have pledged to impact a Million Girls and Women by 2030, and if you want to do something about a Challenge that impacts more than 75% of women and children in India,Pakistan,Nepal and Uganda due to lack of awareness and access to Pads, you may consider jumping on our bandwagon to put a smile of confidence on women and children who need it.

In this mission, we not only have created an eco system of continuous supply chain delivery of pads to schools, govt run homes, medical camps, hospitals and women cooperatives but have also partnered with visionaries like Soumya Dabriwal (PROJECT BAALA) from India and Wardah Rafaqat (DAISY) / Aliha Nasrullah (BARKAT FOUNDATION) from Pakistan and Shyla Talluri (PURE) to strategically advance our Menstrual Hygiene Management Program for women and child populations in need.

We have strong leaders like Madhavi Latha, Mallikarjuna Gorla, कान्छी माया तामांग , Ratibu Kakooza , Neelu Khanna who take Pari Pads to the beneficiaries and measure the impact so we can build a scalable model.

Let’s all build a sustainable path for Girl Child Education and Women Empowerment by treating them Equal and enabling equal opportunities for Girls and Women by providing avenues for them to manage Sanitation first.

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