Pari Toilets

Usage : 2000 + per day )

A Changemakers2030 Project

PARI Toilets is our strategic approach to invest in Period Friendly Toilets where we gift Pari Pads to girls in schools to break the taboos around menstruation.

The class of Changemakers2030 for 2019 have each been given a purpose to make a difference for where it's needed most with a suggested target but not required. Parents were not allowed to make a donation.

This team of 8 have come back with a bang and making it possible to create an environment of hygiene for more than 600 Girls in a rural school from Srikakulam.

Dhruv Kantamsetty ( Raised $440 via a Social Event which included Chat Corner and a Raffle ) Suhani Choudaha ( Raised $390 ) Sarayu Kantamsetty ( Raised $280 via a Social Campaign on Save the Child platform and also door to door selling of Fathers Day Baskets ) Ashna Epuri ( Raised $250 by making and selling incredible Greeting Cards for all occasions in Miami ) Sanjana Hariharan ( Raised $195 via social campaigns which included selling cookies and other goodies ) Ananya Kandregula ( Raised $188 championing a garage sale in her community ) Jyothsana and Charishma Chelluboina ( Raised 47 $ via Pari 5K Run Event )

Also championed by: Raksha and Akshara Garimella ( Donated 100$ from their Birthday Fund )

Giving back to her school, this entire event was planned and executed under the leadership of Hyma Kurma.

Net Impact = 600 Girls Total Impact = 2000 Girls + as the School Campus is used in Shifts.

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