PARI Srikakulam

PARI Srikakulam

Pari Pads for 600 Girls in Srikakulam District. What makes it extra special is two key leaders who drive vision and mission at Save the Child hail from this district.

Sudhakar Pennam A super successful entrepreneur , CEO of KAIROS with boundless humility and who will never say NO has agreed to become our strategic partner under his KAIROS banner to extend our GENDER EQUALITY agenda to change the bottom line for GIRL CHILD EDUCATION via a Sanitation and Health Agenda first. Sudhakar also provides leadership in a Board of Advisors role to Save the Child Foundation.

The Net Impact of KAIROS will be close to 25,000 children this year alone.

Hyma Kurma who is also leadership at Save the Child hails from Srikakulam District and has championed and chaperoned this entire effort from discovery to execution. At Save the Child we have set the precedence of how we take a strategic approach to tackle menstruation challenges and measure/impact at a very tactical level of the children and where the need is most. Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Kurnool Districts are top on our list.

Madhavi Latha leads the effort from sourcing, packaging and effectively managing our supply chain.

Schools have reopened and this is our first event and 100,000 pads are on their way to the girls before they hit their next period.

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