Pari Pads Campaign for Karimnagar

Sandhya and Friends

Sandhya Srivasu Madduri and her fabulous friends turned a stone for girls who would otherwise be deprived of Pads or means to manage their periods . The kind gesture also has provided the much needed hope for the underprivileged children especially from a minority school in Karimnagar where the head master is still struggling with the aspect of talking about periods in public.

One Girl and One Pad a Time, we will touch a Million Girls in Just matter of time.

Thank you Bhavs Jonnalagadda Navi Sharma Gargi Duggal Sailaja GollaAmitha Duvvuri Deepti Suryadevara Yarlagadda Geetha Atreya Ashwini Wale-Patil for being a PARI for more than 400 girls in need.


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