PARI Half Saree - Hanuman Junction

Pari Half Saree - Hanuman Junction

Our vision at Save the Child is to ensure that girl child voices are recognized as significant and unique in issues that affect them. Girl Child issues include trafficking, early pregnancy, child marriage, child labor, rape, illiteracy, menstruation, mental health etc.

PARI Half Saree Function is one approach closer to our culture and a way to emotionally connect with a girl child who has had troubled childhood and are struggling to find a purpose. Most of the Girl children at a Prajwala Home in Hanuman Junction have all have had unfathomable experiences which is not visible on the surface. While the leadership at Child Welfare Committee at the district and state level have implemented traditional methods to rehabilitate the child, Save the Child envisions to partner and also strategically align or better to say re-align our approaches to not just rehabilitate - but treat them equal and then create a path of empowerment. Now, every girl child is unique and so are there stories and hence would need a more personalized approach to help them mature on a mental landscape so they can make informed decisions about their disturbed or rather say interrupted lives.

A Half Saree is about a foundational beginning for the girl child and a moment of pause for each of us to plan ahead for the years to come for each and every child.

Graced by leadership at Child Welfare Committee and local industrialists and representation from police has certainly marked the significance of this event for the inmates. Pushpa and Parvati also joined from AshaJyothi during the event.

This event marks the completion of a Half Saree celebration for 116 girls which includes the 75+ girls fro the Govt. Home in Vizag on Dec 28th and the girls from Prajwala home in Hanuman Junction. Thanking all the donors who have made this possible.

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