PARI Half Saree for Girls in Govt Home,Vizag


PARI started with one very simple agenda- to treat evey Girl equal and above equality, treat evey girl like you woud treat your daughter,sister and mother - LIKE A PARI (Angel)

PARI Half Saree was conceived to create a moment of happiness for more than 120 Girls which would become a memory for life.

When I met these little girls in September , they were lost inside the walls of a special observation home unable to find a purpose and this humbling and rather emotional gesture from Save the Child was to demonstrate that we are blessed to have them in our lives.

In ten years of Save the Child, we have been there done that for all kinds of children with all kinds of challenges but this one moment of creating magic and putting a smile on the girls is a moment that I and the team will cherish for rest of our lives as well and thats what PARI is all about.

Thanks for believing in PARI and thank you for being a champion to create magic ( read that as a smile on the girls face)

- Big Brother for these 75 Pari’s.

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