Pari Half Saree

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Pari Half Saree

Gifting a Half Saree for a Girl Child is not just about coming off age but a priceless moment of pride in the Girl’s life as she takes a pause to celebrate and find a purpose.

Pari Half Saree was conceptualized to create a memory for more than 75 girls who have had troubled childhoods and all reside in a special observation home and are looking for some respite - lets call it freedom. The idea was to create a lasting impact to give all of these girls a sense of an identity back, help them find purpose and then orchestrate a transformation path to achieve their goals. Boost their self esteem and help them reorganize their thoughts and it all starts with a little emotional healing and thats exactly what we did by showing that we care.

Save the Child Family did the honors: Madhavi Latha Vinay Vattikuti Sri Kantamsetty Punyavathi Ambur Krishnamurthy Harshita Saha Sushish Saha Rajan Singh Madhu DuvvadaSravani Kesanagurthy Rao Patina Raghu Ram Gottumukkala

Care and Love team rocked with some amazing dance numbers. Rap numbers, Violin Performances by Changemakers2030 team, Song and Dance by the girls from the home, this was one moment that will stay very long with the children and some of us.

The true highlights of the day include a chance visit by Tollywood Fame Neeraja Kona who spent time with the girls and also did impromptu video FaceTime with celebrities Nani , Rakul Preet , Samantha , Vijay Devarakonda and several others.

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