Updated: Apr 26, 2019

- BAALA AMBASSADOR, #changemakers2030

PADS FOR A CHANGE Ojasvi is one of our Changemakers who is a deep thinker, very methodical in process, who believes in less words and more action, meticulous planning ,leads and changes the world for 100 girls/women in India.

50 Women in Delhi Slums will be on Baala Pads for the next 18 months because of Ojasvi and she will also be our champion of our own girls at Seruds for Pari Pads. In addition more girls will be on pads because of Ojasvi’s Pads for Change Campaign.

True Change is possible by ownership and accountability and Ojasvi shows us how it’s done.

#padsforchange #savethechild #projectbaala #baalapads #paripads

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