Na Autograph Sweet Memories


Try reading that backwards - Sweet Memories An Autograph

3 times in the save the child journey have I have seen or felt absolute gratitude first or second hand. The first one was when Nikhil walked the first time back in 2011 after 3 surgeries , when Ranjit said his first words a few years ago after a cochlear implant surgery and now when Hyma mentioned her experience of going back to her high school and inspired them to grow and become change makers of the world.

In a moment of utter honesty ( I dont think the children know any other way ), they have showered their gratitude on Hyma for coming back as an angel ( PARI ) for them and couldn't resist the touches and the hugs of gratitude and followed by the AUTOGRAPH.

If Autograph is an expression of a SIGNATURE , then I believe we all need to create our SIGNATURE of IMPACT and CHANGE and if that inspires girl children to dream and find a purpose, then I guess " that would be something " and a moment to share with our grandchildren.

When was the last time you have done something or thought about your school not college but your - primary,secondary and high school.

#changemakers2030 #savethechild #careandlove

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