Leadership By Compassion

It takes a great deal of compassion to be able to let go off your own interests to make anothers dream come true.

On one end of spectrum

is a child who strives to get an education and on the other end is a child who thrives in giving.

Riya as part of 2016 Leadership Challenge was tagged with a friend ( Tamanna ) from AASRAA Trust and the goal was to raise 300$ so we can sponsor her education.The challenge is to earn funds to take accountability for her friend from the streets/slums.

Tutoring kindergartners and then letting go off a planned School Texas trip to save the funds and donating them for the benefit of her friend is anything but a true testament to Riya's thought leadership to enable education for a girl child.

And if you didnt know, Tamanna thrives academically whose education is enabled by AASRAA Trust.

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