Kirthi Pilla

Kirthi Pilla

Baala at Safdaria Girls High School

Per plan, we went back to the school to get every one of the 250 girl children who have hit puberty here on Baala pads

There is a lot that goes in before we select our beneficiaries and the rationale used was to tap into a minority school to combat the taboos and educate the children on the menstrual awareness as there is a dire need for that.

Some key observations:

The Girls are smart and have a point of view on topics of interest Lacked awareness of hygiene in general Eager to get on a menstrual hygiene program

While the teachers skeptical why a ngo with so many men advocating for a women issue more skepticism to see us come back to keep our promise to get all the girls on sustainable Baala Pads disrupting their classes with our visits to ensure the girls get something vital

End of the day - all is well. Synergies are being built.

PARI Leadership Kirthi Kothapalli and Sunanda Surya and Madhavi Lathaadvocated for the need for menstrual hygiene.

Sumaja d/o of Kalamandir Kalyan and her cousin Rupa - Save the Child youth leadership from Hyderabad played a significant role in synergizing with the girls to take the Pari mission forward.

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