Kavitha Jayaraman

Kavitha Jayaraman

Generosity knows no bounds for the incredible Kavitha Jayaraman whose spirit of giving is the most inspiring.

Kavitha's " Seva through Vidya " breaks ground for a lot of children and adults alike into Carnatic music under the tutelage of Kavitha Jayaraman (herself). She has raised more than 5 Lakh Rupees for various causes before this special campaign for Pari Pads.

The net impact of Kavitha's Campaign for Pari Pads will influence more than 300 children and we have strategically identified to benefit the children from ZPH Appanaveedu (110) and girls from Care and Share India home (100 +) and Girls from REACH home(80). The children will be on PARI PADS for the next 12 months.

Friends from UCDVO, Ireland and SHE Team ( we collaborate with them on all matters related in advocating and raising awareness on Good Touch and Bad Touch etc ) joined as part of a rally that was conducted and were more than happy to cheer lead our PARI PAD efforts. The girls in the picture are 60 of the 110 girls from ZPH Appanaveedu.

Sandhya Madduri and Madhavi Latha did the honors on behalf of Save the Child and the campaign championed by leadership at Save the Child Lavanya Epuri.

Kavitha was selected as an IndianRaga USA fellow 2018 and since then has been part of various collaborations with artists from across the country. She promotes and practices the concept of ‘Seva through Vidya’ or ‘Teach to Reach’ – by teaching Vocal/ Veena to raise funds for various social causes. Till date have managed to raise around 500K INR for various charities across India. Since Jan 2019 Kavitha has embarked on a journey to pursue music full time after working as Finance professional for 14+ years with Hewlett Packard/DXC Technology.


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