Cultivating Empathy

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Building an Empathy factor combined with Resilience is very critical especially for our Middle School and High School Students.

These kids endure a lot of stress on a daily basis with school and after school activities and prepping for college. One way we at Save the Child are trying to help and empower our kids is to provide an avenue for them to detox, develop emotional and cultural intelligence so they become more receptive to the world and people around them and not just get lost in the gadgets.

Exposing our children to special needs children where the needs are most basic of all and yet the most challenging, gives an opportunity for reflection and take a pause and then synergize.

Save the Child leadership Hyma Kurma and founder of Care and Love, Visakhapatnam shared her incredible journey during our social hour with #changemakers2030

#savethechild #changemakers2030 #specialneedschildrenmatter

Cultivating Empathy

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