Closet Full of Clothes But Nothing to Wear

was the key theme that was discussed during our last weekend's Leadership Challenge meet and the children quite gracefully acknowledged the fact that they have at least

Closet Full of Clothes

40 pairs or more in their closet and sometime struggle to find a right outfit to wear for an evening just because it is not trending.

They were also introduced to the fact that in total contrary the kids at the orphanages or projects that we are striving to support have 4 pairs or less in a community closet which the children share and not to forget that they even take turns to share the clothes.

The children pledged and Shared ( not give, not donate ) their beautiful outfits with the children who are in need and added a small message of Hope and Believe to their generous GIFTS ( please dont read this as donations but instead as GIFTS OF LOVE ).

I have used this opportunity to share with the children that most people of all think about donating their used clothes at the first thought of orphan children or children in need and seldom does it cross their mind that the children in need would love to get a new pair once in a while and be treated special and wear something that is indeed an exact fit and that expectation can also be met by just sharing something they cherish a lot and to begin with a dress.

The children were also taught to PRESENT ( read that as GIFT ) their Clothes and not Give Away their clothes as these GIFTS mean a world to the one who is receiving it and in most cases have never ever received a GIFT from a Stranger yet.

100 + Pairs were wrapped and prepared with love and will be distributed to the children in need in a few days to weeks.

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