Back to School

Read that as Going Back to your Primary School or even High School after 20 Years to make an impact. Taking Ownership of your school and children from your school and/or village where you have grown up takes a lot of grit ( strength of character ) to put a plan, complete the discovery, generate funds for the campaign and execute a plan to precision.

Hyma Kurma goes all in for her village/district/mandal.

1. School supplies for the primary school 2. Financial Incentives for the locals who need help 3. Help and support to Single Mother raising a special needs children 4. Help and support to Seniors who have been abandoned by son 5. Pari Pads for Women in need and many more such stories

This is a Care and Love story and journey and we follow suit and are thoroughly inspired and motivated to share the story and also build on it.

#careandlovevizag #savethechild #paripads

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