Baala Pads for KVR College Kurnool

In our journey of maturity in identifying a solution for menstrual Hygiene which can scale as the Need is enormous, we have been advocating for Baala Pads which are reusable and sustainable over the traditional Pari Pads which are disposable.

So we went to a Degree College with Pari Pads for 300 Girls and realized there are more than 2000 girls who would need Pads. Then we added another 150 girls to benefit from Baala Pads which would cut our cost over the course of next two years and in turn have the girls adopt Baala Pads.

To our surprise the girls who are already on Pari Pads actually asked for Baala Pads so they can manage their cycles without disruption for 18 Months.

Just sharing.

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