Save the Child Foundation was founded on the core philosophy of social responsibility to save special needs orphan children , abandoned children and underprivileged children primarily in rural India. Entirely driven by socially responsible volunteers with a passion to change the world and save a child in need.

On a routine trip to home country India in 2008 and a chance visit to AshaJyothi (a Home for the Handicapped in Hanuman Junction near Vijayawada), I met Madhavi and her family and more than 80 special needs children that are cared for at AshaJyothi. Physically Challenged children, Speech and Hearing Impaired children, Cerebral Palsy children, Cognitively Impaired children, Autistic Children, Downs Syndrome Children, Blind Children - all of them either abandoned or orphaned but then they were just children - in need of love and security, healthy food to eat, a decent place to live, adequate medical care before they get good education and then empowerment to sustain and survive. Children are Children and these are their basic rights as children.

As a parent we would go to what ever length to make every dream and wish of our child come true and when you have a special needs child - you would go a million miles and more if you have to. Sometimes even those million miles fall short when you live in extraordinary circumstances of poverty combined with lack of education and top that with lack of resources and knowledge to rehabilitate the child. The child soon becomes a liability as there are more mouths to feed in an already overly populated family. This is when the underprivileged  parent of a special needs child  is contemplating the birth and life of the child which leads to abandonment and these are the stories of the 80+ children at AshaJyothi Handicapped Welfare Society. In our communities this exact event happens again and again and again and the irony is no one is keeping a count.

35 physically challenged children with one rusted wheelchair, 40 boys of all age groups with all kinds of special needs sleeping in an average sized bedroom, children with no more than 4 pairs of clothes per annum, children in dire need for medical evaluation and physiotherapy, organization in need of financial support to feed the children, provide aids and appliances for the physically challenged, children in need for special education and older kids in need for tools of empowerment - if this was the state of one such non government organization then one can imagine the bigger landscape of the state in an overpopulated country. If numbers do matter there are an average of 25 children per every village which sums to more than five hundred thousand across the state and some of these children will be abandoned as we speak. About 50 children underprivileged children per village in need of school supplies, uniforms, bathrooms, teachers and then more. Most importantly these numbers doesn't include street kids, abandoned new born babies and other children at juvenile facilities across the state. 

Since the inception of Save the Child Foundation in 2008, we have changed the world for some of these children and we have since become their voice, their dream and their life. Each volunteer is a thoughtful parent of all the children we support and we ask of all the donors to feel the love, spread the joy , follow your heart and share the vision for our adopted children or adopt an organization in your hometown back in India which caters to the needs for special needs children and we will help change the lives of many more children and then more.

In 2012, we partnered with AASRAA Trust to help impact programs which affect Street Children to mitigate challenges for vulnerable children who are exposed to social evils of trafficking, child labor, sexual abuse and put them on a path of education and empowerment. This partnership allows us to support more than 200 children every year while our partners ground breaking impact touches approximately 3000 children in need in Dehradun,Uttarakhand,India.

We launched  PARI and realigned our projects to become advocates for Gender Equality due to the Nirbhaya incident in India on Dec 16th 2012. Everything we do today is a Girl First Approach where the primary target population are girl children in need of Protection, Sanitation, Education and Empowerment. In September of 2018, we have conceived Pari Rape - a program to Rehabilitate, Advocate, Protect and Empower Girl children who have been sexually abused or raped. PARI also is a platform which provides for Pari Pads to girl children in need.

Thank you volunteers, donors, friends and family for sharing your social responsibility in saving the child in need. We hope you continue to support Save the Child Foundation and empower us to save one more child with a need and then more.

In faith and goodwill,

Ravi Kantamsetty

Founder / CEO