Landscape: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Kerala, Orissa


Pari Pad is a Bio-degradable Sanitary pad which Save the Child Foundation distributes to Girl children in need from Schools, Govt. run Homes primarily in India.


The pads are made by special needs girls in AshaJyothi based out of Hanuman Junction, Andhra Pradesh.

We also procure pads from wholesalers and brand them as Pari Pads and give pads for free for girl children in need and give 5 days of school back per month.

Landscape: Delhi, Rajasthan, Nepal


Baala Pad is a cloth based reusable pad created by Soumya Dabriwal , founder of Project Baala based in Delhi, India.

Save the Child has partnered with Project Baala to distribute Baala Pads for populations in need in Delhi, Rajasthan and Nepal. 

Baala Pads can be used for up to 18 months and comes in sets of 3 pads and is a sustainable solution for women and children from schools, slums and rural areas.

Landscape: Rural and Suburban Pakistan


Daisy Pads are 100% compostable pads founded by Wardah Rafaqat to tackle the problem of menstrual hygiene and access to sanitary napkins in Pakistan.

Daisy uses locally available materials to make cheap, bio-degradable and disposable sanitary napkins to facilitate women from all financial backgrounds.

Daisy works in collaboration with various NGO's to reach suburban areas and provide the napkins at vastly subsidized prices and increase awareness of menstrual hygiene.

Landscape: Uganda


Afripads are cloth based reusable pads which can be used for upto 18 months. 

Save the Child has partnered with Afripads to distribute pads for more than 800 girls in the last two years and plans to strategically expand this footprint to a few thousand children by 2020. 



  • Awareness Workshops

    Baala Founder Soumya Dabriwal delivers Health Menstrual Practices workshops and Save the Child in partnership with Baala sponsors some of these camps alongside distribution of Baala Pads.

  • Menstrupedia

    Save the Child as part of our PARI agenda, sponsors Menstrupedia Comics which are distributed during Pari Awareness Workshops.

  • Pure Femme

    Save the Child partners with  PURE and supports their Pure Femme Hygiene by providing Pari Pads which are given away as samples during Pure's workshops on Menstrual Hygiene.

  • Women Empowerment

    4 Women have been empowered as part of Pari Pads Initiative and additionally 6 Special Needs Girls contribute in making and packaging the pads for distribution.

  • Advocacy Campaigns

    Youth Leadership in USA actively engage in advocating for the need for Sanitation and Hygiene. Read more about our Youth Leadership Program :Changemakers2030 

  • Vending Machines

    Schools receive Vending Machines to be able to vend pads for free or a nominal fee. Donors can contribute towards a Vending Machine or brick and mortar schools or homes.

  • Underprivileged Girls

    Girls from Govt Schools are our primary target population who receive education and pads for use on a onetime or continuous basis based on the need. This effort is to give 3-5 days of school back to children which they would otherwise miss due to periods.

  • Incinerators

    To effectively dispose a used pad , incinerators are also distributed and installed in schools. Coaching is provided as to how this can be used and are typically installed in toilets where applicable.

  • Govt. Homes

    Govt. Homes where typically the inmates have been subjected to sexual violence and in some cases rape also receive our Pari Pads for free. Additional rehabilitation programs are also introduced but Save the Child believes in a Sanitation first agenda.

  • Slums

    In partnership with Project Baala, the slums of Delhi and Dehradun are also critical on our road map to increase adoptions for better menstrual hygiene.

  • Nepal

    In the mountain regions of Nepal from Bhotang to Sindhupalchowk , our go to market approach is to take Baala Pads for women and girls alike to manage the pads. Save the Child Nepal champions our Sanitation agenda in Nepal to help alleviate the challenge and also combat the issue of Chauppadi which is still practiced in rural areas of Nepal.

  • Uganda

    In partnership with our partner in Uganda, we advocate for menstrual hygiene management and we distribute pads to more than a thousand children from various schools in the rural areas of Masaka, Uganda.

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