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A presentation by NGO Kranti, which works with children of sex workers, traces the tragic circumstances that shaped the childhoods of these girls, and also features performances by rescued former sex workers and daughters of sex workers, aged 10 to 18.


Laal Batti Express propagates the idea of resilience and empowerment through stirring real-life stories

Kranti (Revolution) is an NGO that empowers girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change. Lal Batti Express (Red-Light Express) is a one-hour play written by the Revolutionaries which uses a train themed journey to visit the “stations” of their lives – their childhood in Mumbai’s brothels, discrimination and abuse while growing up, and their ongoing journeys for healing and happiness.

Through these shows, the Revolutionaries hope to change mainstream mindsets about sex workers, their communities, and their children. In 2015, the Revolutionaries toured the US, performing at Broadway theaters, juvenile jails, domestic violence shelters, sex workers’ collectives, and Google & Facebook headquarters.

In 2017, the Lal Batti train is started in London with stops in Cambridge, Brighton, Cardiff, Dublin, Manchester, and Birmingham before the final destination – Edinburgh Fringe.


250 + Performances Worldwide

50+ Cities

14 Countries including:
USA, UK, Italy, Belgium, France, Switzerland,Bhutan,Nepal, Portugal, Netherlands, UAE, Ireland, Spain

500+ Workshops



Featured on BBC during their performances at Edinburgh Fringe

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