Pari Pads

Pari Pads is a social empowerment initiative for women and adolescent special needs girls of AshaJyothi Handicapped Welfare Society, Hanuman Junction, India.


The team makes about ten thousand pads per month. Additionally Save the Child purchases pads from wholesalers to distribute pads for free where it is needed most. 


Sewing Machines for Adolescent Girls

Save the Child sponsors Sewing machines to empower women and girls from marginalized communities in suburban Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Palla Gutta Palle Bags

In partnership with Palla Gutta Palle Bags based out of a small village in Chittoor District, Save the Child plans to create a market for the stunning bags.

When the village economy was reeling due to continuous drought, men lost their jobs and there was no steady source of income. ‘Paalaguttapalle Bags’ venture started. 



Pari Jute Bags

Pari Jute Bags is a social empowerment initiative to create sustainability. The bags are made under our Pari India initiative to create revenues which is cycled back into supporting special needs children at AshaJyothi in Hanuman Junction, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Clay Based Ganesha Idols

As part of an special needs empowerment initiative, the special needs boys are trained in making Ganesha idols for an Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturdhi festival.

Greeting Cards

Clay based Greeting Cards is another empowerment initiative we have invested in to create some revenue for and by the special needs children of AshaJyothi.