Quiet Progress


250 + Children

for past 6 years

School Supplies

2500 + Children

August Blanks

40,000 +

Pari Backpacks

200 +

Education for Children from Streets and Slums


AASRAA Mobile School


Save the Child partners with AASRAA Trust to support the Mobile School Program which allows AASRAA to intervene and engage the families from slums to put the children from streets and slums on an education path. True transformation from a street beggar or labor to a educated child.




AASRAA ABC is an Anti Begging Campaign initiative to wean the children of begging who are forced into the streets by the underprivileged parents. The children once they mature from the ABC program then go thru a rigorous outreach program before they are mainstreamed into schools.


AASRAA StreetSmart


Street Smart is the overall program which governs the maturity cycle of a child from the street and slum who are either engaged in child labor activities of rag picking or begging on the streets to the point they are mainstreamed into schools. The children also receive remedial education via Wings program which allows them to build strong foundation for a purposeful life.

Education for Underprivileged 


Joy Home Underprivileged Children


Save the Child sponsors educational needs for 52 underprivileged children at Seruds. These children have been abandoned or orphaned. The children range from 6 years to 18 years old and reside in Kurnool. The children are also feed nutritious food and the sponsorship allows for medical care and protection.


Pari Backpacks with Pads

Govt. Schools

50 Underprivileged children are selected to receive an incentive of a Pari Backpack which contains all the school supplies, school uniforms, books and also Pari Pads.

This distribution is done on National Girl Child Day every year on January 24th.


August Blanks

AshaJyothi,Seruds, AASRAA

50,000 August Blanks were distributed to 10,000 children at 5 Books per child. Partner August Blanks founder Akshay Pidikiti has a beautiful vision of selling a book in USA and for every book sold, donating 5 August Blanks notebooks for an underprivileged child.


Girl Children in Uganda

CCF Uganda

20 Children have been sponsored and Save the Child will continue to support these children thru their high schools and enable them on a path of college education and/or vocational training.


Underprivileged Children in Nepal

Save the Child Nepal

20 Underprivileged children have been sponsored starting 2018. Save the Child will invest more in Nepal to combat human trafficking in Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal.

Special Education for Special Needs Children


7000 + Hrs of Special Education


More than 7000 Hrs of Special Education has been imparted to our special needs children at AshaJyothi. Speech therapy is included for speech and hearing impaired children. More than 50 children have received the benefit for more than 10 years.