Happy Feet Home (HFH) is a palliative care centre for children and young adults in India which was started in August 2014. HFH aims to provide free of cost emotional, psycho-social, educational / vocational and nutritional support to children and young adults with life threatening and life limiting illnesses.


At Happy Feet Home, we work in close collaboration with Sion Hospital, with the aim of providing holistic day-care services to children under palliative care. Children coming to Happy Feet Home are either infected with or affected by 'HIV positive', 'Thalassemia major' or 'Cancer'.

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Happy Feet Home started as a dream to celebrate life irrespective of its duration. It was based on
the belief that “All's well that ends well”. It was nurtured with the hope that one day we will have a
centre full of lively, energetic children who will brighten up our lives while we help them value theirs.

Along with all this, it was started with empty pockets but a fierce fire in our bellies. The journey was long but meaningful. There were roadblocks but we also had our maps! There were obstacles but
then came opportunities and with all of this each day, we got closer to our dream.

- Mansi Shah , Founder, Happy Feet Home

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