An Adventure, A Challenge, A Reason to Smile


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We are attempting a 200 km bike ride on the G2G Rail Trail from Elmira to Goderich and back on April 24th-25th to raise funds for the Aasraa Trust based in Dehradun, India. We feel it will take atleast 20 hours over 2 days for us to complete, which will arguably be the hardest challenge we have ever undertaken.

Ankur and I, like all of us, have been blessed for having gotten good education. But too many children in India are not as lucky. We believe Education is the ladder that can pull the underprivileged children out from poverty to lead better and respectful lives.

We are raising funds for Aasraa foundation  which finds children from the streets and slums and helps put them in schools to give them a chance at an education and consequently a better life. The unique thing about this charity is that it is an end to end solution, wherein the children are supported through school, given vocational training, till they are able to support themselves.

Every cent counts and will be greatly appreciated, so please support us wholeheartedly in this endeavor.

Garima and Ankur